Disco bike!

I got both sets of my led bike wheel lights delivered, and today I put them on. I could have chosen red for the back wheel (or blue or green or multicoloured) but I decided on pink – because I like pink.

I got them both from Amazon, and when I got the first link set they didn’t work… I contacted the company and they sent a new set and refunded me. So I got two fro the price of one. Lucky me.

I also have a little Bluetooth speak that fits well in one of my bottle holders and my phone connects to it when I’m out. I’d never cycle with headphones on, but this way I can hear the music and the traffic.

Here’s the link for it – Betron A3 Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

The video below shows them on flash mode, but I’d cycle with them on steady mode… so as not to confuse drivers (or give them a fright). 😂

Here’s the link to the lights: Activ life LED bike lights 😂😂 If anyone says they can’t see me in the dark now, I’ll eat my trainers.

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