Wk46 into Wk47

Following the good news from my physio on Wednesday saying I should start to start and build up my running again, alongside exercises, I’ve done two ‘walk runs’ and felt ok.

The injury I had is / was in my right hip / leading to pain in my lower back and tightness in my hamstring. I’m working to get my inner hip muscles, glutes and hamstrings working, but I need to take it slowly.

So I’m treating myself like a beginner and building it up gently. So far so good after two walk runs, some strength, a physio session and a massage.

Here’s what I did last week anyway:

Wk46 – 9 Nov

Mon: 50 min foam rolling / stretching
Tue: 50 min easy spin / 50 mins foam rolling / 28 mins hamstring strength
Wed: 2M walk/run bursts / physio & 3.5M walk pm
Thu: 12M Outdoor cycle avg HR 145 / max 163 / 30 min physio strength
Fri: 3.7M / 47 min walk run / 32 min physio strength / 13 min foam rolling
Sat: 55 mins Threshold Spin / massage
Sun: 4M / 47 mins walk/run / nap & 20 mins physio strength

3 cycles – about 33 miles, 2 walk/runs – 7.7 miles, 4 physio strength, 3 times foam rolling and a rest day on Monday.

Here’s the run / walk build I did:

Walk run 1 – 9×1:3, 1×2:2
Walk run 2 – 9×1:30/2:30, 2×2:2

My leg felt ok when running, I can feel it is working more than it’s used to. And on Sunday I was a bit sore, probably partly to the change in exercise, but also after a good massage by Clare on Saturday. I decided a wee nap was in order on Sunday afternoon – rest and recovery eh?

Here’s me on a bit of a wet walk / run on Sunday morning around the Clyde. 47 mins.

My plan for next week is below… I’ll aim run/walk every second day, as long as my body continues to play ball. I’m going to include rest probably on Thursday and Saturday, but I’ll see how I feel.

Wk47 – 16 Nov
35-45 in physio strength each day
Mon: Outdoor cycle (or easy spin)
Tue: 45 min walk/run 3 – 10×2:2
Wed: 1 min bike repeats
Thu: Rest or strength
Fri: 45 min walk/run 4 – 10×2:2 / 2M walk & physio
Sat: Rest or Threshold intervals bike
Sun: 45 min walk/run 5 – 10×2:30/1:30

I’ll check the weather for Monday am when I wake up, but at the moment it’s looking ok for an outdoor cycle. If it’s too wet, I’ll stick to easy spin in the garagym. Walk runs on Tuesday, Friday, Sunday I think, as below:

Walk run 3 – 10×2:2
Walk run 4 – 10×2:2
Walk run 5 – 10×2:30/1:30

This is my plan for next week building up my running, but if I get any pain, I’ll walk, or go back home. And then I’ll keep the time to around 45 mins or less, and increase the running time slowly over about 4 or 6 weeks, maybe ready for a run when Santa comes.

I have some good exercises from the physio (and Clare) and I’ll do them most, if not all days, for 35-45 minutes.

I have quite a big day on Wednesday, so I’ll get the endorphins pumping early with an interval session on the bike. And a rest day the next day, or a strength workout if I’m feeling up for it.

Exercising is definitely my medicine and is keeping me feeling good. Even though I’m a bit restricted (and sore), I feel grateful to be able to be out on my bike, or in the garagym and able to do spin or strength / stretching.

I saw this nice big double rainbow over Glasgow today… that was pretty cool.

Roll on next week, hopefully it’ll end well.

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