Wk45 into Wk46 and November plans

Last week I managed to have quite a good balanced week, with 4 gym sessions, 3 bike rides (one outdoors) and about 3 walks.

This week I’m getting there… mixing a good balance of rest on Monday, some strength work, foam rolling and walking.

Here’s what I did last week:

Wk45 – 2 Nov
Mon: 45 mins easy bike / 17 mins strength / 25 min foam roll
Tue: 1 min bike intervals / 17 mins strength / 23 mins in foam roll
Wed: 3M Walk
Thu: 31 mins stretch / 25 min foam roll
Fri: 15M outdoor cycle
Sat: 2.2M Walk
Sun: 30 mins stretch / 25 min foam roll & 16M walk (for children in need – too far!)

The cycling was a good mix of easy, intervals and abs outdoor cycle. I’m not sure I liked the intervals session, but I know it will be good for me, and I’m sure it’ll do me good.

I seem to have got some results from doing some strength work and foam rolling last week, and now with advice from the physio I’ll work at getting it more focused on strengthening my hips.

I walked far too far on Sunday… I was helping a friend do a big walk for children in need. And I was a little sore after it, but not too bad. My heel was a little sore, and the outsides of my lower legs too. You really should train up to that distance! (And I know that!) Anyway, we had fun, it was for a good cause, and Michelle raised about £400.

This is my training plan this week … so I’ll change things up and get that focus on strengthening my hips, trying walk running and being on the bike still.

Wk46 – 9 Nov
Mon: 50 min foam rolling / stretching
Tue: 50 min easy spin / 50 mins foam rolling / 28 mins hamstring strength
Wed: 2M walk/run bursts / physio & 3.5M walk pm
Thu: 12M Outdoor cycle avg HR 145 / max 163 / 30 min physio strength
Fri: walk/run / 45 min physio strength
Sat: Threshold Spin / massage
Sun: walk/run / strength / foam rolling / 30 min physio strength

I am itching to get a run / walk, but I’ll leave it to tomorrow morning and see how it goes. If it doesn’t work, I’ll do a spin and physio strength instead.

Here’s my weekly plan for November, but the outdoor cycles might depend on the weather, and all of this will be flexible, with rest days taken when required. Early doors training, before work or first thing if possible. Strength at lunchtimes, and / or maybe a walk to get out if it’s nice.

Mon: Walk Run / 30-45 min physio strength
Tue: Effort Spin/Cycle / 30 min physio strength
Wed: Walk Run / 45 min physio strength
Thu: Easy Spin/Cycle / 30 min physio strength
Fri: Walk Run / 30-45 min physio strength
Sat: Long cycle 1-1-5hrs
Sun: 30 min foam rolling/stretching / Walk

I’ll build up my running, starting out walking about 2-3 miles and including some run bursts, as long as everything feels ok hip wise. I’ll increase the run durations, and build it along side cycling and strengthening.

Hopefully that will work… and then as a reward, Santa is getting me these shiny new bright trainers – another pair of Nike Fly 3s. Eeek.

I’ve tried them on and they fit like a glove, and they’ll be wrapped up until the 25 December.

Add to this (not for Christmas!)… I tried out my new jacket this morning and it was really good.

I’d highly recommend it.

Now I leave you with this… cctv images of some dodgy person outside our garagym…

… I say dodgy… it’s me this morning with all my reflective gear on. Jacket and helmet are shiny nice and brightly!

The jacket has a reflective bit at the rear over the bum, and up on the arms / chest too. So hopefully drivers would be able to see me well when I was cycling and signalling (as long as they were looking!)

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