Physio update & good vibes

Well, after 12 weeks off running… I had my first physio session today and it went well. So well I nearly skipped the mile home. 😉

And randomly, my range of movement when my body is 90’ to my legs is better, without restriction and pain. Possibly due to the increased foam rolling and strength work that I’ve been doing since start of Nov.

The physio suggests the following below … the good news is she wants me to start running again, but only in short bursts to start, when out on a walk.

I did a few run bursts on the way to the physio and it was the first time there was no pain. So fingers crossed.

The advice is:

Strengthen hips / get back running

Regular strengthening work as below, and as have been doing Continue cycling 3-4 times a week
Walk run, up to 3 miles – incl short run intervals, building to 4 miles Foam roll after exercise, if required

Hips raises
Clam shell 5-30 reps es
Straight leg back clam shell 5-30 reps es
Lying glute knee raise 5-30 es
Reverse lunges slow
Step ups es

Pillow between knees sleeping
Stand tall / steady if standing to work
Sit in chair / get support on back
Massages 2x a month
Physio weekly

I’ll get myself a wee plan together and take it from there. I feel quite relieved and looking forward to hopefully getting myself back running!

So that’s that! Fingers crossed it all works.

Oh and re my ankle, I now have a CT scan on 25 November at the Victoria Hospital again, to see what going on with the bone etc.

And finally, I was treated to this little gift just before I went to the physio. How cute! Thank you – you know who you are! The good vibes must have worked!

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