Presents for lucky me

I seem to have been doing a wee bit of online shopping in the last few months… like I’m buying myself early Christmas presents or something…

I thought I’d share what I’ve got (and why). I must have been bored in lock down or something. 😳🤪🙈

There was the north wave origin 2 cycle shoes from chain reaction cycles…

And some black thick leg warmers and longer socks for keeping my ankles / feet warm on the cycle (and it works).

I got some pink and purple leg warmers for every day fun, I mean use too.

Then I also bought a good pair of cycle shorts from there too. And there’s my new sparkly and reflective cycle helmet with a red led at the back….both from Planet X.

Always one for a gadget, I also got myself a Garmin cadence counter for my bike, a little mirror and but to hold my Garmin at the front of my bike.

A new buff…

And another one …

Then this buff from wiggle for cycling… it has wee reflective bits on it apparently.

I got a new and improved bell for my bike… a good pair of cycle mits that turn into fingerless gloves easily, and a scull cap for on the bike.

I also got some clear glasses to protect my eyes when I’m cycling in the dark / sunrise etc, and have sunglasses for daytime cycling.

Then I got this nice ASICS hat, and ASICS leggings from Sport Love the hat, it’s thin, but warm. And the leggings are nice and warm, with good reflective bits ont the lower leg.

Then I couldn’t resist getting myself this hat… from mountain warehouse (half price)…

Nice rainbow colours, but look at the inside! Nice and warm for winter.

Then in an aim to be seen some more, I’ve ordered some lights for my bike wheels. It already has reflective rims and spoke reflectors which work well…

I probably don’t need these lights, but they might be cool / funny. White ones for the front, pink lights for the back wheel. 😂

Here’s me in my hat and buff today… I’m preferring wearing a buff than a male these days as it’s easier to take on snd off.

I also ordered a nice new balance hoody… I’m trying not to have a purple theme… but it might be happening.

My last thing I’m purchasing is a new cycle jacket… bright and reflective. I have a feeling that santa might get me this if I’m really lucky.

That’ll do for now. Is it any wonder I don’t need anything from Santa this year!?

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