Wk44 into Wk45

Last week was my recovery week from training, which coincided with a week of leave. In terms of activity, I still did – 16 miles walking, 2 cycles of about 20 miles along with 2 foam rolling sessions (and one long massage).

My sleep was better too, averaging 8.5 hours, and I had a nap or two. I probably could have had more, but rested / relaxed instead. Walks, telly, chats etc.

Here’s what I did training / exercise wise:

Wk44 – 26 Oct (leave)
Mon: 2.6M walk
Tue: 13.1M cycle at sunrise (massage)
Wed: 2M walk
Thu: 2M walk (in the rain!)
Fri: 4.6M Long Walk / foam roll
Sat: Rest / 1.5M walk
Sun: 30 min bike / 3M Walk / foam roll

Foam rolling just twice in the week was a bit pathetic (as in, I should have done it more), but I was quite sore after the massage on Tuesday night, and a bit bruised, so it was only by Friday I felt up to it.

I’ve now been off running for about 10-11 weeks. The issue seems to be connected to my right hamstring / hip / hip flexor / flute / lower back. Perhaps my hamstrings / glutes aren’t firing, and it’s causing strain in the whole area.

I thought taking rest from running, and getting a regular massage / body work and foam rolling would work, but there’s no improvement so physio is next. It should start this week I think.

My movement is really strained / restricted when I try to put my body at a 90’ angle to my legs, and I can feel my hamstrings really tight and sore, along with some pain in my right hip.

I’m going to take a bit of a change of tact from the regular cycling and walking… and instead ensure I focus on stretching, foam rolling and strength… with some cycling abs walking added in. I did a couple of easy rounds of the above this morning, after 45 mins on the spin bike, then I followed it up with 25 mins of foam rolling.

I have this lovely garagym on my doorstep and it’s a shame not to use it. So for this week:

Stretching and foam rolling every day apart from Saturday
Strength work Mon / Wed / Fri
Cycling Mon / Tue / Thu / Sun
Walking Wed / Thu / Fri / Sat

Wk45 – 2 Nov

Mon: 45 mins easy bike / 30 mins stretch/foam roll / 30 mins strength/physio

Tue: 1hr of 1 min bike intervals / 30 mins stretch /foam roll

Wed: Walk / 30 mins stretch/foam roll / 30 mins strength/physio

Thu: Outdoor bike / 30 mins stretch/foam roll / Walk pm

Fri: Walk / 30 mins stretch/foam roll / 30 mins strength/physio

Sat: Walk / 30 mins strength/physio

Sun: 30-60 mins Bike / 30 mins stretch/foam roll

I’ll do the majority of my exercise first thing – out the door it in the gym for about 7am.

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