Sort of fed up

I’m sort of fed up… fed up of quite a lot of things… but trying to keep the heed and keep a positive outlook when things are looking gloomy.

Here goes:

I’m fed up of being injured and not able to run, but getting on with it and keeping the focus on doing other exercise (cycling & walking). 10 weeks off running and counting. …

This is a big one that I’m trying to fix… rest from running / what makes it sore… expert advice… foam rolling, stretching, keeping active …. physio next. Hopefully I’ll be sorted and back running by 2021!

Fed up of being restricted with covid (but know there’s a good reason for it). We had a week off on leave and all the restaurants were closed, so it meant only the cafes were open, which meant they were busy and you needed to book ahead. Working from home, being a bit isolated.

Other than that, there’s travel restrictions and common sense and not taking risks. Masks are fine, as are all of the restrictions really. Making fun of the mask situation, with a daily mask pic.

It’s the new norm. But the social restrictions are hard… on me, on everyone. I miss my friends, and my family. I miss socialising and travelling to see and spend time with people. I miss travelling abroad for holidays too – sight seeing, sunshine, warmth.

Fed up of the crappy weather and nights getting darker… this happens every year (obviously) … but it doesn’t get any easier. It rained just about the whole week we were off, and we tried to make the best of it… and had a good restful week, but now it’s only going to get colder and darker through Winter. Boooooo.

Through out all of this that I could moan about … or am moaning about… I’ve tried to stay positive – knowing this is for a short time, and things will get better, we’ll get through this and there are many many more who are worse off than me. It’s good to try to see the positives and know that I generally have my health, and well-being, and have friends and family who care.

To go easy on ourselves and be kind to ourselves. Check in with others, phone or FaceTime people to connect. Or send a text or message. Or send a wee card or present here and there to let them know you’re thinking of them.

I’m fed up, but I’m not. I’m trying to see the best in everything and knowing that this might be tough for a number of reasons. I’m getting by and seeing the light through the darkness. This too shall pass. In the meantime I’ll do things for joy, and enjoy the little things in life.

My leg will get better, I’ll be able to run again some time. And I’ll feel even more grateful when I’m able to. In the meantime I’ll take care of myself, keep active and get physio / massages / foam roll to see if I can get it better. Use our garagym and my bike(s) and get really fit.

I’ll work away, do what’s needed and make the most of working from home and being able to work from home.

I’ll chill out, relax and get plenty sleep and food. Watch the programmes I like, get engrossed in stories, and enjoy where I live with good neighbours and friends.

I’ll get to travel again, as we all will, and we’ll hopefully look back one day and be grateful we’re not under the restrictions we need to be under just now.

2020 is coming to a close soon, and hopefully 2021 and beyond will be a better time for us all. With 2020 being a slap we all needed to remind us how good we had it before, and hopefully after.

It’s ok to be fed up, but it’s good to acknowledge it and the reasons for it, and move on and try and find some joy and happiness.

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