Moira’s virtual run (walk) 2020

Today I had a walk and chat planned in with my good friend Eilidh.

We met at Victoria Park, and not long before it, I signed up to the Moira Jone’s virtual 5k run … and did the walk in the park for it. #runformoira

£10 to enter, with an option to donate more, I paid £15 to the great cause and went to meet Eilidh.

We ended up walking a little further, about 7k in total… I’m still off running, so didn’t even attempt to run, but the walk was nice.

…good chat, lots of dogs, nice scenery and plenty falling leaves.

At the end we were treated by a rainbow in the north too. 🙂

A nice way to spend some of a Sunday, and the rain stayed away which was even better.

If you want to donate to the Moira Jones fund, go here: (Santander are matching the donations).

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