Wk42 into Wk43

This last week I did 3 cycles / 28 miles… which was two outdoor cycles done this weekend and a gym spin session on Wednesday. I’m still enjoying the cycling, but I’m going to see about some physio hopeful to next week, my injury still isn’t improving, so after about 9 weeks off running, it would be good to get it sorted.

I’m still getting pain in my right hip flexor / lower back, and there’s a restriction in movement when I bend my body at a 90’ angle to my legs. I have a massage on the 27th, but I probably need to get some specialist advice before that.

It’s fine when I’m walking, and I got quite a few walks in, nearly 18 miles all together, but just two foam rolling sessions. I have do better with that. They’re only like 25 mins, so there should be no reason not to be able to do it in a day.

Here’s what I did last week:

Wk42 – 12 Oct
Mon: 5M / 80 min walk
Tue: Rest / Foam rolling
Wed: 35 min intervals spin
Thu: 2.2M / 40 min walk
Fri: 4.2M / 70 min walk / Foam rolling
Sat: 10M / 50 min outdoor cycle am
Sun: 4M walk / 10.8M outdoor cycle pm

This was a nice pic I took on Monday morning. 😄

And here are the totals for last week:

My sleep wasn’t great, I woke up at 4 or 5 a few mornings. And stress on my garmin vivosmart was higher than usual too. I took a good rest day on Tuesday and had managed to get my sleep back on track by Thursday.

Next week I aim to do foam rolling / stretching every day, hopefully at lunchtime. The weather is bad on Monday, heavy rain, so I’ll do a spin session in the gym… then I’ll take it from there. I’ve arranged walks with friends on Tuesday and Sunday morning.

Here’s what I’m planning:

Wk43 – 19 Oct
Mon: 1 hr indoor spin / Foam rolling
Tue: 5M bike / 3-4M walk / Foam rolling
Wed: 70 min bike intervals / Foam rolling
Thu: 3-5M walk / Foam rolling
Fri: 10M / 50 min bike intervals / Foam rolling
Sat: 45 min bike intervals & Foam rolling
Sun: 3-5M Walk

For my bike, I’ve managed to get some north wave origin cycle shoes, and I did try the spd pedals, but I’m so used to using toe clips that I’m going to keep them (they’re more versatile for if I’m cycling in trainers / walking too).

I’d been having trouble with cold feet when I was cycling early with trainers on (with the air vents that you don’t really realise are there when you’re running.

The solid cycle shoes are great for on the spin bike, and on the bike outdoors. On the outdoor cycles, my feet were nice and cosy today… and the leg warmers I wear help too. 😂

This last week felt nice and balanced, even with my crap sleeps. And we have one more week of work, then a week off. Not sure what we’re going to do – staycation and just down days off work. Looking forward to some fun. Hopefully the restrictions ease off a bit, but if they don’t, it’ll be fine.

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