Wk41 into Wk42

Last week was good for me. Training wise I was on my bike outdoors twice and on the spin bike in the gym twice to so about 38 miles in total. Some good cardio workouts. Then I did quite a few walks, which turned out to be about half the distance I’d cycled – – about 19 miles.

I only did two foam rolling sessions, when I planned to do one every week day. So that should be my focus this week.

Here’s what I did last week:

Wk41 – 5 Oct
Mon: 13M / 69 mins outdoor cycle / 50 mins foam roll & stretch / 0.7M walk
Tue: 50 mins 5 min tempo ints bike / 20 min foam roll, stretch & strength / 0.8M walk
Wed: 2.3M walk wi FG / 1.6M walk
Thu: 3.6M walk Clyde
Fri: 50 mins 5 min tempo ints bike / 0.5M walk
Sat: 2M walk Maxwell Park
Sun: 30 min outdoor cycle / 5M walk / 2.2M walk

I cycled out to Braehead on Monday morning and saw a nice sunrise.

I’m using my garmin to track my workouts, walks and foam rolling sessions. And it also tracks my sleep, health and other stats.

I’ve cycled about 66 miles this month so far, and walked about 26 miles. 11 days in.

I had a nice walk on Tuesday morning before work with Fit Girl, we were up pretty early, and it was dark for most of it. There was still some nice light.

We also had a nice walk on Saturday in and around Maxwell Park. Then on Sunday I went a good walk and chat with my friend, before meeting Fit Girl for lunch and a walk.

I cycled about half an hour on Sunday (to and from my friends), then walked 7 miles. Had a burger and chips and then a nap. Lol. Quite a balanced day really.

I had a really good catch up / walk with my friend who I haven’t seen in a while. I think we’ll be in touch much more and I’m looking forward to it. It’s good to reconnect. She’s a really smashing person, and we get on well.

Clearly I’m not running just now, but I’m keeping fit and active with cycling and walking and I know that I need to work, and take some time off running, so that so that hopefully my injury goes away and I can run again. Short term off running for Long term gain!

My injury seems ok, like the paid has 95% gone, but there’s still something it quite right. Massage on Saturday – I cannot wait. I’ll need to really make the foam rolling abs stretching a focus this week and stop being lazy with it. It’s good when I do it, so I need to fit it in and get it done.

Now here’s my plan for next week:

Wk42 – 12 Oct
Mon: 50-60 min walk
Tue: Intervals bike
Wed: 60-90 min bike
Thu: 50-60 min walk
Fri: intervals bike
Sat: Walk / massage
Sun: 60 mins bike
Foam roll / stretch each week day

I’m planning my cycles outdoors on dry days. And as it looks like it’ll be raining tomorrow, I’ll go a walk instead of my usual Monday morning cycle.

This week I also had a play about with my bike… but it really shouldn’t be this hard. I tried to take the pedals off an the left one was stuck. I spent what felt like hours trying to get it off… got some men to help, bought a pedal wrench…. blah blah blah.

Then got a good tip from Bob on Facebook to use some heat on it. He suggested a blow torch… 😳 but I decided some boiling / hot water might work. And it worked a treat. Two minutes in and it was easy to come off.

Ha ha. But then I had a struggle with the clipless pedals not working with the cleats!! Ahhhhh! I’m parking it for the now and have put my toe clip pedals back on until I can maybe get a bike shop to help me. 🤪

You don’t get this complexities with running!! That’s all I can say.. but maybe if I didn’t buy the cycling shoes, I wouldn’t need the pedals etc!! We will see how that all goes.

I leave you with some nice flowers we say in Polloksheilds on Saturday. 👍🏻

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