Good spin session & my HR zones

I forgot how great a good spin session can be. When I first got on the spin bike this morning, I could see it far enough and I nearly gave up after 5 minutes. But I’m glad I stayed on.

Here’s the session my garmin training plan had in for me…

My heart rate zones are as follows:

Zone 1 – up to 119
Zone 2 – 119 – 138
Zone 3 – 139 – 158
Zone 4 – 159 – 174
Zone 5 – 175 to explosion 😂

When I got on the bike, my heart rate monitor wasn’t connecting to my garmin… which was a little annoying… but my Apple Watch on my arm did the trick so I knew what zone I was in.

For the zone 4 parts x 3, I was uo out of the saddle, more or less running… HR ❤️ around 161-171. Oooft.

Safe to say I was a little sweaty afterwards. Eek.

50 mins spin, avg HR 145, max 324… ha ha. Only kidding. Max about 171.

Looks like a nice day out again so maybe a lunchtime walk and definitely some foam rolling is in order.

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