Wk39 & 40 into Winter

September was a bit of an odd month for me as I wasn’t running; but I substituted running with other bits and pieces and had some good massages and foam rolling / movement sessions to try to see if I could get my hip flexor recovered.

It’s not made much progress, and I need to up the focus on recovery and not just blindly doing cardio for the feel good factor. I was good at the foam rolling / stretching in the first two weeks of September, then not so good in the last two weeks.

Here’s what I’ve done in the last two weeks:

Wk39 – 20 Sep
Mon: 15.5M / 73 min cycle
Tue: 5M walk
Wed: 1hr cycle / Foam roll / 4M walk
Thu: 5M Walk / 2M walk
Fri: 3.5M Walk wi Audrey
Sat: Rest / 5k walk
Sun: 6M / 2 hour walk

Wk40 – 27 Sep
Mon: 11.1M / 57 min outdoor cycle
Tue: 3.2M / 54 min walk
Wed: 1.7M / 28 min walk
Thu: 16M / 79 min outdoor cycle
Fri: 12.5M / 60 min outdoor cycle / 5k walk
Sat: 20 min walk (rain)
Sun: Rest / 4.3M walk

115 miles cycling and 85 miles walking for September. 10k running.

I probably need to do less waking and more time in the gym doing active recovery.

It was about three outdoor bike rides a week, and four to five walks. Being off running has been ok for about 6 weeks now, with a couple of try outs that didn’t work. But since I’m cycling instead of it, I’m not missing it as much as you’d think.

I do keep seeing runners and I feel a little tweak of sadness, but I think it’s probably a good idea to stay off it until my hip flexor recovers. And do what I can to help it recover. I’ve had two good massage / body work sessions with Claire in September, and I have another two scheduled in for October, so I’d better get the work in.

Like I said above, I should have been doing stretching and foam rolling, but I didn’t as life took over and I didn’t make that a priority. So now my hip flexor and lower back are still sore… and I need to have a word with myself and make my recovery from this a priority, instead of blindly doing cardio on the bike or out walking.

It felt good at the time, built up my confidence out on the bike, got me to see some lovely sunrises and made me feel good anyway. I now feel I need to have a plan for myself for October into November and December.

So I’m going to put a bit more structure in and I’ve signed up for one of Garmin’s cycling training plans. You can customise it to your life, picking the hours and days you’ll train on the bike. With the weather turning, I’ll do a mix of indoor and outdoor cycling, on Mondays, Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays (or Saturdays).

If you’re interested in setting up a customs training plan: In your Garmin app, go to Training & Training Plans and have a look.

I’ll aim to be in the gym at least 4 times a week, but ideally Monday to Friday, doing stretching, foam rolling and movement.

I’ll mix cycling outdoors 1-3 times a week with indoor spin and walks too, as I have been doing. It seems to be working for me. Particularly with the nice sunrises I’m seeing.

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