Cold feet and hands!

Jeezo, I didn’t realise how cold it can get on the bike… the temperatures in the mornings have dropped a bit to about 3-6’c and whilst I’m wrapped up with plenty of layers… my feet and hands have become cold on long runs.

My right foot in particular turns to what feels like a block of ice by the end, after an hour and a half outside. 🥶 I have a hat for under my helmet, which is good, and my jackets are windproof / waterproof so that’s good too. But my ankles are usually a little exposed and my running gloves are a bit thin.

So I went online and ordered these… fingerless gloves with covers on them. They worked a treat this morning. 😀 there was sometimes a bit of a gap between my cuff and the glove, so I’ll get a solution for that in the form of another sleeve type glove I have, but that’s my hands sorted.

But for my feet… I ordered a pair of long socks for cycling, and also a pair of bright shoe covers too. 😂

I have a feeling the shoe covers will probably look a bit odd, but I don’t really care, as long as they work and keep the heat in…

I don’t really mind what I look like (although the pink will be ever so fetching / but it might clash with my orange jacket – oh well).

I’ll let you know if they work or not!

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