Cycling, walking, sickness and a forgotten fiver!

Well that was an uneventful Saturday. We had a nice morning, out for breakfast at a newish place not so far away from us – New Yolk up in Finneston. I had a couple of coffees at home to wake up, then we walked about the mile to get there.

I tried something new by having New Yolk eggs – poached eggs on a muffin, with black pudding, blue cheese and hollandaise sauce. It was cooked just right, but for some reason, the blue cheese I thought… it didn’t quite sit right for me. I felt ok though, just a bit more stuffed than usual.

Afterwards we walked the long way home. I felt a wee bit odd in the morning, a bit dizzy from no where, but we blamed it on the now 4 coffees and stranger than normal breakfast combo I had. All fine. We walked nice and leisurely for about an hour.

(Here’s me modelling my bright old cycling jacket / bright new gloves and matching socks… and my shorts).

It was a lovely morning, cold but sunny… but still warm enough for me to wear my shorts (just!). We came home and pottered about in the garden / garage. I fixed my light for my bike, and got my old cycling jacket out of the loft.

And lucky me I found an old fiver in it…! I’ll need to see if the bank takes them still, or swap it for a big ice cream. Ha.

I’m not really sure what my plans for Saturday after that we’re really, not much. But after sitting in the sun for a bit, fixing a bit on my jacket… I realised I needed a lie down. So for a few hours I went back to bed, and rested, maybe napping for an hour.

It was likely a mixture of a few things. Is had a rather stressful / busy week at work. So my plan this weekend was to take some time out, chill and be kind to myself. So I didn’t even feel bad about taking a nap / bed in the middle of the day, as I knew it’s probably what I needed.

But then I started to feel nauseous and sick, and I eventually was sick. It turns out it can be a side effect of the MRI scan and the dye going into my veins on the Friday.

The dizziness I felt in the morning probably wasn’t from the coffee at all, and then the nausea was horrible. I just wanted to sleep and rest… like a bad hangover that you know sleeping through and 24 hours will fix.

Great fun. It would have been nice for the hospital to have warned me so I knew to maybe expect it, (they asked millions of questions). But hey ho. Apparently 1 in 100 can get nausea and sickness afterwards, so I’ll just need to grin and bear it for as long as it lasts.

So any cycling I had planned this weekend, will probably not happen. I still felt a bit sick on Sunday morning and I’ll take it as it comes.

Last week I got some good cycles and walks in, and my right leg / injury feels ok. There’s still something not quite right, but last week I felt I couldn’t focus on it. And hour and 12 cycling on Monday, and an hour on Wednesday and half an hour on Friday.

I got a good amount of walking in last week anyway, nearly 25 miles – walking each week day apart from Monday, and then the 5k on Saturday.

With not running this month, I’ve cycled 104 miles and walked about 74 miles instead. See I can’t stay inactive lol. I don’t think I’ll try and round these numbers up like it do with running!

I’ll not plan any training next week but just see how it goes. My sleep hasn’t been ideal, bit hopefully it’ll get longer next week, I’ll make a concerted effort with it.

This week I also sent my garmin vivosmart 4 back to garmin. The sliver edging on it fell off… after about 13 months. And as it’s within the 2 year warranty I think, they’re arranging an exchange. So that’s good, I’ll get a new one again. Good ol’ Garmin.

I’ve really enjoyed the sun rises this last wee while… it’s getting light around 645-700am, just when I get up and out… and the sunlight from the east has been lovely.

It’s going to be another nice day today, so I think I’ll get a lie on then go somewhere nice for a walk and some lunch or coffee. I’ll maybe be a bit cautious with the food though, given the last 24 hours!

Any recommendations on where we should visit for a nice walk, are more than welcome. Somewhere we can drive a bit to I think. Have a nice end to your weekend everyone.

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