Best to be bright!

I’ve always had this thing… not sure where it came from… but I never ever wear all black.

It’s possibly from all of my bright running clothes… but say in work or life, I’ll never wear all black… all dark blue maybe, but never all black. (All black for me is only reserved for funerals, more out of respect than anything else!)

Although saying that, my new black waterproof is great and a good fit… but I wouldn’t wear it in the dark, that’s for sure – although saying that, even it has reflective bits on it!

This might sound a little odd, or maybe not, but I sometimes wear colours based on how I’m feeling. Bright and matching when I’m in a good mood. Grey if I’m feeling a bit off. I don’t tend to do it on purpose, I just realise later. (But then again, I have so many bright running clothes, this doesn’t really apply).

And when were shopping in GAP in America one time, we were at the check out, and for some reason, all the ‘garments’ we were buying were all grey. The cashier loudly said to us … ‘No bright colours today?!’ We hadn’t noticed, but clearly not….

Only in America would someone say something like that I think. It sounded funny to us anyway and it’s stuck with us. So sometimes I like to add a bit of colour, even if it’s an under layer peaking out or a watch strap. We all need a bit of colour / joy in our lives, right?

And when you’re out running or cycling, it’s really important to be bright to be seen. The picture at the end of this post shows why.

There are so many materials, bright and reflective, which have the chance to save your life in making you be seen.

Luminous yellow and orange and green, and now reflective materials like my gillets and jacket… and now in my cycling helmet too, which has a usb powered light too.

When I was at the hospital the other day I was speaking to a nice elderly gentleman called Ronnie. He was there with his wife, who was getting a head scan. I had my bright orange jacket in my hand, and he commented that I wouldn’t be missed – exactly my plan. Bright orange isn’t maybe the nicest of colours, but as long as it helps me be seen (and keeps the wind and rain at bay a bit too). I’m up for that.

I’ve also got some reflective strips and lights, for when it’s really dark. To help me see, but really to help others see me. My friend I run with Debbie got light that’s wearable on your torso from her husband (from decathlon) as he was worried about her. And it’s great, to see and be seen in the dark, it’s so good I got myself one this year too.

Add to my different and bright coloured (and my grey or blue clothes, that I’ll where when I want… I like my Apple Watch bands of different colours and I now have a nice bright bracelet my friend gave me… and some tiny wee rainbow earrings that I know have rainbow coloured gems in them, but you can’t see them they’re so small (recommended by a good friend). Colour is great.

Then there’s a lady called Norma Witten I used to know. She was my Dad’s practice nurse and a lovely and unique lady from the north east of England. My Dad used to say she would very much call a spade and spade, and he was right.

Anyway, at her funeral, the poem about wearing purple with a red hat was read out and it was so poignant. Wear what you want, be who you want to be… have fun and enjoy life.

Back to wearing bright colours in autumn and winter – it’s essential, whether you’re walking, running or cycling… and especially for kids when they’re out and about.

I know I’ve been driving and been surprised by a cyclist I hadnt seen, and he had a light, but I just didn’t see him. If you can do anything you can to be seen, it might just save your life.

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