Cycle, walk, cycle, chat, drop an elephant

Today the weather was great where we are and I took the opportunity to use my bike (for once, instead of my car) to cycle just over 2 miles mostly by cycle lanes and quiet roads up to Pollok Park to meet my friend Eilidh, for a walk and a chat.

I woke up to this pretty sky… and had a feeling today would be a good one. And it was. 🙂 good fun and good chats.

Here’s me with nearly all the gear… the bright jacket so drivers see me, the helmet, aerobars, Garmin, and all the other bits and pieces. I even had a little pack away bag, a water bottle and a snack.

We met just outside Pollok Park where Eilidh could park her car. I sent her where we’d meet, on Shawmoss Road, then with my brain focused on getting there safely, I ended up waiting on a different road a little further away. Oops. We found each other eventually.

Then I parked my bike up in Pollok Park and we went a nice leisurely walk in the sun. Catching up and talking the day away. I really like Eilidh, she’s one of a kind, yet we have quite a lot in common. She speaks the truth and isn’t afraid to say what she wants, she’s also very relatable and just very very lovely.

I took her last the little baby’s calve Highland Cows, where it was busy with people, and then I took her in behind Pollok House into the less busy walled garden where theres a big tree and many hidden paths.

At this part we had an epiphany about learned behaviours… and then we walked some more. We ended up walking a nice easy 2 miles before sitting at this spot for a wee break, chat and we watched the world go by.

Then I told Eilidh the story about why I like elephants, and told her the whole story about why sometimes I take an elephant and drop it in memory of my granny. And I bought one yesterday to drop, so I took her on a little walk to drop this one, before we had another wee seat and sat in the moment remembering how lucky we are.

Here’s me with it… 😉 it is at the bottom of the tree, so someone might go away with it, but if they do then hopefully that’ll be a nice find for them and he will love in their house with them.

It’s this rather impressive big tree.

After that we did some more walking and chatting and we ended up walking a nice gentle 10k in total. I lost track to time, but it was maybe 3-4 hours of good chat.

Then I went to Braehead with Fit Girl for some food – a nice tasty steak at the Filling Station. And I got a little mirror for my bike as I thought it might make me feel a bit safer on my bike.

Oh and here’s a laugh… in decathlon… with my mask on… oops. 😂

Thinking back, I probably shouldn’t have put it on… but I did and we had a little laugh.

Here’s me with my dinner – yum.

So here’s what I did:

– A tiny bit of gardening first thing (are the grass below after I took the netting off)

– 4.8 miles cycling / 25 mins
– 6.2 miles walking
– And lots and lots of chat and fun.

I’m still off running, but my body feels better than it did, my back and legs particularly. I think I’ll take another week off running to be sure, and next week I’ll do some more walking, cycling and Bodyweight work, with some foam rolling and stretching as a mist.

Here’s today’s activities on Garmin:

Then here was the sky this evening, similar clouds to this mornings ones. Roll on September.

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