Body assessment and new bouncy seat

So last night I had the most brilliant body assessment, manipulation and massage with Clare the ‘Movement Therapist’ – Glasgow’s finest –
She really knows her stuff. 🙂

First Clare got me to do some movement and looked at my posture and how I was moving and standing.

It seems I’m a bit squinty, maybe down to a slight injury / weakness in my right leg / glute / hip flexor – and my body trying to compensate. Hips, torso, shoulders twisted … tight on and leaning to one side and leaning forward too. 😳

After the assessment, she did some manipulation of my body (!) and made some adjustments through stretching, cracking and a few other things.

Then she finished with a deep massage of some of the areas she knew would help me.

And she gave me some advice on how best to foam roll and recover.

She bamboozleed me with lots and lots of names of muscles (that I think she thought I knew but I didn’t), and we had a good chat too.

And she gave me a good tip to sit on a stability ball at my ‘desk’ at home to prevent slouching and tightness, and enable movement whilst working. Here’s my new seat…

I have to say, after 2 hours of body / massage work last night I feel a bit like I’ve been run over by a bus (!) but I can tell it will have done good.

I’ve got a few bruises coming through, but hopefully this is the start of recovery for me and my tight little body. I have another session with her in a couple of Saturdays time.

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