Wk30 into Wk31 – July into August

Last week I was focussed on getting my 100 mile running goal for the month and it meant I did 5 runs in the week, totalling about 35 miles.

It was 3 longish runs, a speed run and an easy run. I had a good and needed rest day on Tuesday, and I wasn’t in the gym much as I didn’t quite feel up to it for some reason.

It was the start of my cycle on Monday/ Tuesday, so I think that might have had something to do with it. But the running kept me ticking along fine. I attempted a gym workout on Wednesday, but ended up doing two 15 minute strength circuits with not much focus. Better than nothing, but I didn’t feel quite right.

I felt much better by Sunday and got a really good gym workout in. 25 press-ups, 20 mins on the bike, then circuits and a finisher.

I’ve enjoyed doing the 25 press ups for 25 days and it’s something I think I’ll keep up. Not sure if I’ll do it every day, but there’s nothing stopping me. Maybe I should do 50 a day instead.

This is what I did training wise last week:

Wk31 – 27 July
Mon: 8.6M run
Tue: Rest (Day 1)
Wed: 8M incl 4M effort (a little easier than usual).
Thu: 4.5M Speed 6×1:30/1:30 / 30 min Strength circuit
Fri: 3.9M easy = 100M for July
Sat: 10.3M easy run
Sun: 20 min Spin & 40 min Strength Circuit

Now here’s the plan for next week:

Wk32 – 3 Aug
Mon: 5M effort run / 15 min strength Tbc
Tue: 6-8M easy wi DMc
Wed: Base Strength 1
Thu: Speed 7×2:2 mins / Strength Circuit
Fri: Base Strength 2
Sat: Rest (or Strength circuit)
Sun: Long Run wi PC

I’m going back to some strength workouts I used to do, two workouts a week, plus a circuits session like the one I did today or a simple 3-5 exercise session.


Looking back at July… I had a good month with my training, including rest and sleep. My weight loss has more or less stopped, but my fat loss has still gone down, lean mass is up a bit, so that’s all good.

Up 1lb in weight, but down 1.7lbs body fat… and up 2.5lbs lean mass. I’m pleased with that… and it’s motivating me to keep at it in the gym… as well as keep up with my running training plan.

Looking back over 2020, here’s my monthly progress – steady weight loss from March, until July when it’s settled and my body fat is continuing to reduce:

Jan 2020: 142.4lbs / 16.5% / 23.5lbs / 79.9% / 113.8lbs
Mar 2020: 140.5lbs / 17.4% / 24.4lbs / 79.1% / 111.1lbs (-1.9lbs)
Apr 2020: 134.7lbs / 16.2% / 21.8lbs / 80.2% / 108lbs (-5.8lbs)
May 2020: 132.7lbs / 15.3% / 20.3lbs / 81% / 107.5lbs (-2lbs)
Jun 2020: 131.1lbs / 14.2% / 18.6lbs / 82.1% / 107.6lbs (-1.6lbs)
31 Jul 2020: 132.4lbs / 13.3% / 17.6lbs / 83% / 109.7lbs (+1.3lbs = lbm)

Variance Jan to Jun: -11.5lbs / -2.4% bf / -5.0lbs bf / +3.3% lbm / -6.2lbs lbm

Variance Jan to Jul: -10lbs / -3.2% bf / -5.9lbs bf / +4.1% lbm / -4.1lbs lbm

I’ve been eating what I want in July, and the exercise has been allowing it. Still tracking it, and seeing how I’m doing with it.

Anyway, in July here are some of my stats:

Running – 100 miles – 18 runs: about 4-5 long runs, 4 effort sessions and 2 speed sessions.

Strength training – a good start to the month, then a bit of a break, and a few more sessions, then a break and back into it… about 12-13 in the month in total.

What I did find good was doing short sessions… 15 – 20 mins, over and done with, working hard, boom. Done. I feel very lucky to have the garagym handy.

Walking – 16.8 miles… about 25-30 miles less than the June and May… I had been doing more walks in lockdown and got out of the habit once thing started to get a bit more normal. Less solo walks, and more with Fit Girl and one with Audrey on morning.

Steps – I still did on average over 10,000 steps a day… I’m hoping that will go up a bit in August.

So the plan for August is to aim to do 3 strength sessions a week, maybe another short one, and 4 runs a week – planned like this:

Mon: Effort run
Tue: Bike & Base Strength 1
Wed: Speed run
Thu: Easy run
Fri: Bike & Base Strength 2
Sat: Long run & Walk
Sun: Bike & Circuits / Metabolic Strength

I’ll maybe swap some of the days about, like Saturday and Sunday, and put in a rest day when I need it, but that’s the idea. Aiming to do it at 7am weekdays, and a little later at weekends.

This weeks long run will be about 11 miles I think and I’m going to meet up with Paul and see how he’s getting on.

What fitness and training do you have planned for August?

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