Wk30 into Wk31

Last week was good training wise… I was in the gym 4 or 5 times and ran 3 times and walked about 3 times. I didn’t do my long run as I took a restful weekend instead, but did my long and easy run this Monday morning instead.

Here’s what I did last week:

Wk30 – 20 July
Mon: 45 min walk / Spin & Deadlift 20 mins
Tue: Run 5M effort 6:54/7:05/7:15/7:30/7:25 / Strength circuit 33 mins Wed: Speed Run 7×1:1 min (4M)
Thu: Spin & Deadlift Strength 66kg
Fri: 3M easy Run / 24 mins Runners Strength / 71kg DL Singles x20 every 30 secs Sat: Rest / 20 min walk
Sun: Rest / 40 min walk

I also did my 25 press ups each day and posted videos nominating others to do the same. I’m hoping to raise awareness for mental health and issues which arise from it… and I think Eilidh who I nominated is gong to set up a just giving page for SAMH, so I’ll likely donate to that.

I’ll admit now that it’s this week, I have felt like crap. Absolute crap. Tired, unsettled, not feeling like doing anything. Not to give too much detail, but on Monday I got my period … roll on feeling sore for about a day.

On Tuesday whilst I had training planned, I knew the best option was to rest, so I did. And I ate a lot too. The unselttled-ness continued until after my run on Wednesday morning… a bit of a mixture of lock down, lack of company / socialising probably and some stuff ticking along in the background that I can do nothing about.

My run this morning was pretty crappy, up until about an hour in when I finally felt ok. I hadn’t pushed it much, but I had a slight stitch, and could hear some negative talk which wasn’t helping either. But by the end of the run I was feeling better – good old endorphins.

I was out the door for 7:30, but I think I need to get up a little earlier to get my training in. I’ll get out of bed at 6:45, out for a run or training by 7:00 on Thursday and Friday.

Now here’s my plan for this week:

Wk31 – 27 July
Mon: 8.6M easy run
Tue: Rest
Wed: 8M incl 4M effort
Thu: Speed run 6×1:30/1:30 / KB Strength Circuit
Fri: 4M easy run / Spin & Clean n Press Strength
Sat: 8-10M easy run with Eilidh
Sun: Strength

And to maybe spend some time thinking about all that I’ve got to be grateful for too. That should help lift the spirits a bit.

Here’s a start:

I have a loving caring partner, who is ace.
I have a nice house, and an ace garagym.
I’m healthy and fit.
I have a good job in a good team with a good boss, and I can work from home easily and efficiently. I just ordered some new nike sports bras.
I can eat what I want.
I gave £10 to the Lamont Farm Project.
It’s warm enough to wear shorts.
I’m getting more sleep now that I’m working from home.
I have lots of people who care about me.
I’ve focused and lost about 10lbs since lockdown.
My training is going well, and I’m taking rest when I need it. I’m running with Eilidh on Saturday am.
Our garden is nice, and our Newly seeded grass Is growing well.

I’ll stop there. That’s enough.

Here’s the grass two weekends ago… seeded and covered:

And here it is now after some sun and lots of glasgow rain … ta da!

It’s still needing some work to make it full everywhere, but it’s getting there nicely. And maybe nicer than the older bits of grass! Eeek.

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