Lockdown eggs (again)

I go through phases with the food that I have for breakfast and lunches. Right now for breakfast I’m having protein and yogurt, with Asda Fibre Flakes and Red Berries… with some blueberries and milk on top. 400 cals of taste and energy.

Then for lunch I’m still having my lockdown eggs that consists of:

– A muffin or protein thin bagel
– Guacamole (an easy version of avocado)
– 2 poached eggs
– Tomato salsa and cherry plum tomatoes (chopped and heated) – cheese (grilled) and salt and pepper

Being at home most of the time and working from home I’m getting quite good at making it quite quickly and without fuss.

I’ve also become quite good at making poached eggs with just a pan of boiling water… no gizmos, no vinegar or swirling etc.

Here’s how I do it:

1. Boil the water at 9, let it simmer on 2.
2. Crack the egg/s into a small cup, and pour gently into the simmering water. 3. Simmer for 3 mins.
4. Take out and lay on kitchen roll to dry a bit.
5. Serve.

Perfect poached eggs on muffins or bagel thins, with a nice kick from the salsa, and more tasty from the avocado and cheese. Yum.

My lockdown eggs … I wonder how long I’ll keep making them before I get bored of them.

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