Wk28 into Wk29

Last week my training went well considering. 4 runs of about 20 miles, two gym sessions, some walks and 2 rest days, one which included gardening… heavy lifting and raking on Sunday and I’m feeling it a little today.

I had a bit of a stressful thing going on that I had to deal with and as a result my sleep wasn’t good on Monday Wednesday and Thursday. It was annoying as lack of sleep impacts everything, but I managed to get it back on track at the weekend.

I was also kind to myself / gave myself a break by having a rest day on Thursday where I did not a lot but deal with it all (and after a very active day on the Wednesday).

I’ll not go into the detail here, but maybe one day I will – I have a feeling it will all be worth it anyway. I’m pretty resilient and I’m usually good at parking things and not worrying, but sometimes when things are important they can consume and I let them for a short time to be able to deal with them.

My garmin activity tracker measures ‘stress’ and usually when there’s less sleep or more worry – stress tends to go up… and as you can see from the graph above my stress did go up, then was better at the weekend. It’s usually about 25 on average and last week it was up at about 38 each day. No need!

Last week I was waking at 12 or 1am with my mind racing trying to fix what the issue was, then I’d either get up to work on it, or toss and turn for a few hours. I got through it anyway and today is another week.

I’ve done well to park this particular issue and it should be over soon. I’ve been spoiled in lockdown too – getting too used to good 10 hour sleeps – which must be good for you in many ways. I’m sure this week will be better – and I’ll have a focus on getting to bed early and taking care of myself.

Oh and early on Thursday I posted on Facebook to ask for a lend of some capes and I gratefully received a lot of them… and a poncho… thank you for the lend, I think they probably helped. I had some good help from a few people last week and it was really appreciated by me.

Hopefully this bump will be over soon and I can get back to what’s normal for me, soon.

Anyway, here’s my training from last week:

Wk28 – 6 July
Mon: 4.5M run incl 3M Effort
Tue: 20 min Spin & Clean n Press Strength
Wed: 2.5M Walk & 8 min spin & 16 mins KB Circuits / 7.3M Run (pm) Thu: Rest
Fri: 5k incl 1M Time Trial Run 6:07 (5k)
Sat: 4.3M Run
Sun: Rest / Gardening

I did a couple of good run sessions, a 3 mile effort run on Monday with an avg page of 7:30 min miles. My avg HR ended up being ok at 151, and I felt good throughout. It maxed out at 163 so I must have got the effort just right (I like to be under 165 before it starts to get really hard).

Then a one mile time trial on Friday resulted in a bit of a surprising for me 6:07 minute mile. My fastest for a while, maybe forever. I’m following a garmin Half marathon training plan and it seems good with 1 to 2 effort sessions or time trials and a couple of easy runs a week.

I’ve been keeping an eye on my nutrition and trying to keep a slight calorie deficit, but still eating what I want. I was maybe 1500-2000 in deficit last week… and my protein intake could have been better as it was only 26%… so I’ll try harder this week.

I probably ate too many treats / sugar… so I’ll try to eat a little better this week.

But on Sunday I just ate what I fancied, including a nice tasty ice cream as part of lunch. Yum. Well worth it on a sunny day.

All of that has led to a little decrease in weight, leading to 10lbs loss overall in lockdown. Mainly by not eating everything in sight / everything I fancy / knowing when to stop … and keeping active.

It seems to be working well anyway, and working from home etc seems to be agreeing with me. The flexibility and not needing to go into the office is working to get a better work life balance I think. A haircut will be needed soon though I think.

Now here’s my plan for this week… 3 runs and 2 strength / gym sessions, and a couple of rest days again.

Wk29 – 13 July
Mon: Rest / Walk
Tue: 4M effort run
Wed: Spin & Squat Strength
Thu: 7-8M Run
Fri: Runners Strength & Time Trial (possible deadlift set)
Sat: Long Run
Sun: Rest

I woke up this morning a little sore and tired and felt like I needed another weekend day. I lifted a lot of bags of sand and compost and did a lot of digging etc, so my body is feeling it today. So best for it to be a rest day. Maybe with a walk at lunchtime to get some activity in.

The new flower bed isn’t quite finished yet, we’ll need more soil to finish it off, but it’s getting there. Not all my handy work might I had, Fit Girl did a lot of it… but team work got it nearly finished yesterday and got a few plants in, including my birthday rose bush centre stage.

Have a nice week everyone.

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