Wk27 into wk28

My training went quite well last week, 4 runs covering just over 24 miles, walking was less than usual with just 5 walks / 5.4 miles, but I was in the gym 3 times and did the bike and strength workouts when I was there.

Getting in the gym was my main focus, and I managed a full body workout on Tuesday, then a kettlebell session on Thursday and a Deadlift session on Sunday where I felt good and strong (although I might be sore tomorrow into Tuesday I think!)

Here’s what I did training wise:

Wk27 – 29 June
Mon: 4.3M effort run
Tue: Spin & 35 min full body strength
Wed: 7.8M Easy Run
Thu: Spin & KB Strength / Easy 4M Run
Fri: Rest
Sat: 8M run / 2.3M walk
Sun: 2.1M walk / 20 min Spin & Deadlift Strength

I’ve let go with the food intake a bit, I’m eating a bit more… more sweets and treats, so from today I’m going to be a little bit more restricted and eat to fuel, but not to be greedy or out of habit.

I was tracking my intake in my fitness pal and it was about 1,850 cals per day, with 26% protein / about 120g. I’ll aim to get that up to 30% again in coming weeks, and cals I’ll reduce to about 1,600-1,700 on average. I’m doing this to see if I can fuel better and not be greedy / get the most out of the food I eat for my training.

Here’s the training plan for next week:

Wk28 – 6 July
Mon: 3M Effort Run (6M)
Tue: Spin & Clean n Press Strength
Wed: 1M Time Trial Run / Runner Strength
Thu: Walk & Circuits / 7M Run (pm)
Fri: Spin & Squat Strength
Sat: Long Run
Sun: Rest / Walk

I have another effort run tomorrow morning, see how fast I can go over 3 miles… and I might round it up to 5-6 miles with a cool down run after it. Then it’s 4 runs for the week and 3 strength / spin sessions. And if I take a rest day I’ll get myself out for a walk.

After a June where I kind of let go a bit with things, because I could, I’m looking forward to focus in a bit more and try to get a daily deficit to see what the outcome will be for my 4th month focusing on fitness and food and seeing if I can get a bit leaner as a result of my efforts.

We will see.

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