Lovely new rainbow suncatcher present

If you know or follow me, you’ll likely know if my long-standing affinity with rainbows…

It all started in around 2002 after my Granny passed away, and it seemed that every time I thought of her, or when times were tough for me, a rainbow popped up. Like she was there to help and guide me.

Also if you know me, you’ll know I really like the glass work that Kelly from Rainbow Lux Glass makes… I first came across her work a few years ago when I was looking to buy thank you presents of rainbows for the important people in my life.

And it so happened that I also got one of Kelly’s handmade rainbow bridges as a present too that year.

Since then I’ve got myself a little rainbow bridge, and treated other special people to some too. My rainbow bridge presents are all over, from Wick to Inverness, to Stonehaven, Skye, Edinburgh and Glasgow and beyond. (If you got one from me, you know you’re special to me). 👍🏻

Since then I’ve received an abundance of rainbow gifts (thank you all!)… including a couple of pictures, a cushion, a plate, a key ring, lights, a rainbow rabbit, a rainbow glass and 3 rainbow mugs… and even a rainbow coloured elephant! 😂 (my brother bought the elephant for me said it was disgusting, but I think it might be my favourite). 🌈 🐘

It’s nice also when friends or people who follow me, post pictures of rainbows saying they reminded me of them.

And over the years I’ve had quite a few rainbow gifts… then for my 40th, I was lucky enough to get a rainbow suncatcher made by Kelly at Rainbow Lux Glass, from my good friend who knows me well.

But not only that, Kelly is so nice, that I didn’t just get the suncatcher, she also sent me a belated birthday card (above) and two glass rainbow drinks stirrers (the glass is mine). Here’s the lovely suncatcher…

If you ever come to our house, I challenge you to count how many rainbows and elephants you’ll see. 😂

If you want to check out Kelly’s lovely handmade work you can go to her website, and she also has a shop on Amazon, just put in rainbow lux glass or ‘rainbow bridge’ and it’ll come up.

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