Training Plan & Effort Run

In the last few weeks I decided to take advantage of one of the Garmin training plans to get me motivated to run and get some miles in.

I picked coach Amy’s half marathon plan which is a 21 weeks plans, meaning I’ll do the half marathon for it around the end of October. It gives you various workouts and tips and videos as you go along, and it’s a good wee motivator.

Here are some of the workouts it’ll have me doing.

You can sign up for the training plans in the garmin connect app, and if you have a garmin forerunner, the workouts are sent to your watch. I’ve chosen Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays as my run days, with Saturday being my long run day.

I’ve also chosen 1:46 as a target time. I have no idea if I’ll make that, but I have plenty time to train. At the moment there are two easy runs, a long run and an effort run where you aim to ‘give your best on tired legs’. I’ll also be mixing some strength training in with the plan as per my recent post from Sunday.

Now in terms of the effort runs, I did a 3 mile one last week (2 min warm up, 3 min effort, 2 min cool down), and ran 7:14, 7:37, 7:42 with an average HR of 154, max 163. Avg pace for the run was 7:45 min miles.

Here’s me after the run in the rain last week

It felt ok, even in the pouring rain.

Then today I ran a 4 mile effort session, with a 2 min warm up, then 4 miles, then I stopped when I got to 4.3 miles as I’d got my monthly running goal of 100 miles for June. Yippee!

I felt strong throughout and even managed a negative split, with 7:42, 7:36, 7:34, 7:07, with an avg HR of 155 max 167. Avg pace for the run was 7:30 min miles.

A wee bit faster / stronger than last week, but perhaps the terrain helped a bit (up a little on the way out, down a little on the way back). Hence the negative split. 🤪

I ran to to Maxwell park and back today, and here’s me at the end walking to recover after it.

Below is my weekly schedule on the garmin app, and each week the plan gets released on the app so I know what I’m up to.

The rest of the week I have two easy shortish runs, then an easy 6 miler on Saturday. It’ll be good to have a plan to run along to. And the good thing about it is you can reschedule workouts if you want to, or cancel them altogether if you need to, so it’s flexible too.

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