June into July

Last week I eased back into training after not really focusing on it during the week leading to up my birthday. Last week, as I was on leave until Wednesday I didn’t put any pressure to be in the gym.

Instead I walked about 12.5 miles across 5 of the 7 days, and nearly 23 miles running across three runs. I did manage to squeeze in a short Spin / Deadlift / Press up session on Thursday, and a good 20 min spin and 25 min kettlebell session on Sunday, (plus a 40 min walk).

Here’s what I did…exercise wise last week:

Wk26 – 22 June
Mon: Rest / 2.8M walk
Tue: 5.3M run (incl 3M effort 7:13, 7:37, 7:42) / 2.2M walk
Wed: Rest / 45 min walk
Thu: Spin & 10 mins Deadlift Strength / 8.7M hot in the evening
Fri: Rest / 0.5M walk
Sat: 8.4M run / 2.3M walk
Sun: 20 min Spin & KB 80/20 Strength / 2.1M walk

Across my birthday and the week after it, I’ve relaxed my goal of aiming for 30% protein and of trying to be in a calorie deficit. To give me a bit of a break.

I’ve still been in a deficit of about 300 cals a day… but I’ve been eating more food and less protein packed food. Ice cream and pancake etc… and why not eh?

For the last few weeks I’ve been eating about 12,500 cals a week / about 1,800 cals a day, on average.

1,400-1,500 on rest days and 2,000-2,200 on really active / long run days. I’ll maybe aim for 1,600-1,700 per day / 11,200-12,000 in a week.

My intake usually a bit more balanced than below… with about 30% protein. So I’ll aim to get back to that in July.

I ate about 26% protein for last week was because I was eating what I wanted. Whereas I usually try to think about eating something with lots of protein every time I eat / aim for 30% protein. It’s not all that hard really (see my protein sources below).

In terms of calorie burn, as my weight has gone down, my resting calorie burn has gone down from about 1620 cals a day, to about 1570 cals a day. But I tend to burn around 400-500 cals a day on average with my exercise. The total calorie burn is about 14,000 cals a week.

This means if I eat about 12,000 cals a week, it’s a weekly deficit of about 2,000 cals. And that’s probably why this graph, my weight graph is going down. Since I track the calories, if I have none left, I know I’ve eaten enough and I don’t have that thing I fancy, whatever it is. Unless I’m starving, then I might.

I’m pleased with my progress, especially since I put a bit more focus into things in lockdown. I started the year at just over 10 stone which is been creeping up towards for months. Here’s my progress in a graph…

Then monthly… taken at the start of January, then at the end of the months…

Month: weight / body fat % / lbs / lean mass % / lbs
Jan 2020: 142.4lbs / 16.5% / 23.5lbs / 79.9% / 113.8

Mar 2020: 140.5lbs / 17.4% / 24.4lbs / 79.1% / 111.1lbs (-1.9lbs)
Apr 2020: 134.7lbs / 16.2% / 21.8lbs / 80.2% / 108lbs (-5.8lbs)
May 2020: 132.7lbs / 15.3% / 20.3lbs / 81% / 107.5lbs (-2lbs)
June 2020: 131.1lbs / 14.2% / 18.6lbs / 82.1% / 107.6lbs (-1.6lbs)

Total change since January 2020:

-11.3lbs / -2.3% bf / -4.9lbs bf / +3.2% lbm / -5.8lbs lbm

All I’ve really done, which has been helped by lockdown I think, has been:

1. be more careful about not eating everything in sight / stopping when in full / not eating out of habit.
2. aim for 30% protein to be full and help recovery after exercise (still eating what I want, ie pizza etc, but being less greedy when I don’t need to be)
3. track my calories in my fitness pal to support the above.
4. exercise and try to get a good calorie burn with running, the gym and walking / get active / good feelings from it all.
5. Weigh myself each day first thing to see the progress (works for me, but I know this doesn’t for everyone).

I feel like I’m in a good place with my nutrition. I’m able to eat what I want, but use the extra active days to eat more calories and bits of treats if I want them.

My protein sources come from:

Arla pouring yoghurt
My protein protein powder
Meat – steak, mince, chicken
Milk (full fat)
Sis protein 20 bars
Carb crusher protein bars
Snickers protein bars

And sometimes I buy things like bagels with more protein, or aim to buy cereal which has more protein in it (10g per 100g).

Something else which has probably made a big difference is getting more sleep. 8-10 hours a night mostly. Lockdown somehow has seemed to allow that and it’s a positive and welcome change. I’m sure that’s helping my progress too.

In June I’ll have run 100 miles and walked about 50 miles. I started the month off well in the gym, I was in it 4 times in the first two weeks, but took a bit of a break from it until this week. I’ve been doing about 10-12,000 steps a day on average which is good, but less gym / strength / HIIT bike work.

It’s maybe led to less change in my weight / body composition than there had been – but still some progress. So I’ll get back on it for July.

I’m going to make the gym and my training more of a focus in July. Here’s the plan training wise for next week:

Wk27 – 29 June
RUN – Mon: 4.3M effort run
GYM – Tue: Spin & Deadlift Strength
RUN – Wed: 6-7M Easy Run
MIX – Thu: 20 min Spin & 25 min KB Strength / Easy Run
REST – or GYM Fri: Rest (or strength from Thursday)
RUN – Sat: 6-7M run
GYM – Sun: Spin & Clean n Press Strength

Then weekly training of below, plus walking:

Mon: Run
Tue: Spin & Strength / walk
Wed: Run
Thu: Run / Spin & Strength (optional swap)
Fri: Rest / Spin & Strength (optional swap)
Sat: Long Run
Sun: Spin & Strength

I’ll aim to do my training at 7am on weeks days (because if I don’t put aside that time I tend to make excuses not to do it!) If I have a rest day, or a gym day, I’ll try and get out a walk. With the aim to burn cals / do steps.

So after a bit of a defocus at the end of June, I’m aiming to get back on track and see if I can make some more change with my efforts – trying to eat and train better for the month of July. Hopefully that will continue / improve my results some more. 👍🏻

What are you aiming for in July? What’s working for you in lockdown?

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