Birthday to remember (in lockdown)

I thought I’d write this to remind myself in the future, just how lucky I am and as a journal of what happened the day (and week) I turned 40.

It had been looming in lockdown for quite some time… since December we had planned (and booked) to travel to Philadelphia and Washington DC for my 40th, but by about April time I realised that probably wouldn’t happen.

Oh well, a lock down birthday it would be. I decided I’d make the most of it and do exactly what I wanted and enjoyed doing, and it turned out to be a lovely day and a lovely week.

The day was made extra special by Fit Girl, friends and family, many who went out of the way to surprise me with lovely cards and presents, I really was spoiled.

We were off on leave from the Thursday to the Wednesday, with my birthday in the Sunday, and the day before my birthday I received two lovely bunches of flowers, from my step Mum and Dad, and my lovely new work colleagues : dream team.

When we’re off on leave we tend to take it as a proper break from training, so no gym for me, but we did plenty walking and I did a few runs too to keep the legs and mind ticking over nicely.

On my birthday, I woke without an alarm, and went down and opened my many cards and presents which had arrived. I noted down who got me what and I thanked them throughout the day. Although one of the first Happy Birthday wishes I got was from my Worthing’s WiFi scales. Lol

I got so many nice things, and felt very spoiled. A (rainbow) scarf, mug and lovely elephant necklace, a rainbow sun catcher from Rainbow Lux Glass, a rainbow bracelet (which will go nicely with my elephant bracelet/s), peanut butter m and ms all the way from New York, a box of chocolates, some Apple sis gels.

Apologies for the bed head hair

A new purple Rab body warmer, the comfiest ever asic shorts, a beautiful rainbow bracelet, star climber earrings, mars bars, small cans of coke (sugar rush), a jumper, some gift cards and some cash (which went towards new trainers and a new HRM run). And some nice very tasty fudge too.

Then in the next few days I received some lovely helium balloons, from my friends who are like family, another lovely mug – an Eleanor Bowmer mug… and I’m told something else is in the post too! I feel very fortunate.

What a great big haul of lovely things, from lovely people who I really care about and they care for me too.

Excuse the greys!

I had a coffee as I opened my presents, then afterwards Fit Girl and I went for a run. We ran 4.5 miles, up to Kelvingrove, then afterwards I did my planned benchmark run – 2 min warm up, 5 mins effort at x pace, 2 min cool down and then I rounded the overalls distance up to 6 miles running.

When I got in from my run I was surprised by the lovely big helium balloon which had been delivered… and after I got showered and ready, we had pancakes, berries and yoghurt. Yum. And another coffee or three.

In the afternoon we went for a nice walk in pollok park. About 3 miles and both times we went out we mostly managed to avoid any forecast rain. Waterproofs worked for the walk.

I called my Dad, my best friend, and my uncle and I was in touch with a lot of people to say thanks. Then in the evening we had a nice beer dinner followed by a cheesecake and I think I had two ice creams that day. Birthday cake halo top ice cream is a good one I’d recommend.

After our walk in Pollok Park we stopped off at Moyra Jane’s and I got myself a nice big piece of lemon mirangue pie. Yum.

In the evening we had a nice dinner… all I seemed to do was eat and have fun… and then we watched some telly. At 9pm as I was sitting watching the telly, I looked out the window to the West and noticed the sun low, and our to the East it looked a bit rainy… perfect rainbow weather. I got up to check and there it was, a bit massive double rainbow for maybe 10-15 minutes. A nice end to the day.

In the rest of the week off, we had good long sleeps and either went a run and a walk or a walk around a local park. We went north east south west… to Pollok Park, Glasgow Green, and Victoria Park (as well as our run in Kelvingrove).

What a lovely birthday and week off I had. The weather could have been a bit less rainy, but it wasn’t all that bad really. Thanks to everyone who made it special, along with all of the cards and birthday wishes. They really did make me feel loved and happy.

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