Effort run in the rain

It’s a very rainy day today ☔️… I’m still on leave so took my time getting up, had a coffee and tried to put on running clothes that would maybe keep me dry… and they did to a degree, but if I’d have stayed out any longer I might have been soaked through. 💦 💧 🏃‍♀️

I was tempted to put the run off, but it’s due to rain all day so I might as well have got it done.

My route was to be along to glasgow green and back, nice and simple and flat. See my tips below for running in the rain.

Today’s run was a 2 minute warm up then 3 miles effort, that was 7:13, 7:37, 7:42, then a 2 min cool down and I covered 3.45 miles.

Avg HR ❤️ was around 160, working hard but not too hard)… it all felt ok.

By about 3 miles in my shower proof jacket was soaked through, but it did ok for a bit. After the session ended, I ran easy back, 1.85 miles to total 5.3 miles running.

Over the bells bridge and the rain started to get even heavier… it’s good running in the rain ☔️ really.

My tips for running in the rain are:

1 – wear a cap, 🧢 to keep the rain out of your eyes. 👀
2 – wear a waterproof or showerproof jacket 🧥 if you want,
3 – wear minimal clothes, shorts 🩳 and vest, especially if its warm. 🌧 4 – skin is waterproof, just get out there and enjoy it. 🏃‍♀️ 5 – Shelter under a bridge if it gets really heavy / lightning ⛈ 🌩
6 – when you finish, strip off somewhere you can dump all of your wet💧clothes, so you can hang it soon to dry / dry your trainers out. 7 – after the run 🏃‍♀️ – have a shower 🚿 or bath 🛁.
8 – wear warm clothes after the run / shower / bath. 😇

Here’s me at the end. Still smiling, but a little soggy.

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