A simple bit of feel good

Are you feeling a little lonely? A little down? Is the whole lockdown getting to you every now and again?

What if I were to tell you I have a thing that I do, which picks me up, and it’s simple, and old school, and it works.

It make me feel good, lifts me up. Gets me out of the doldrums, away from the anxiety upset or uncertainty. Away from the monotony and the boredom. Away from the strict rules and limitations of lockdown.

A nice wee break, a time to focus on something special, someone special. And it’s really easy, but it seems we hardly ever do it anymore.

We used to do it. We used to do it all the time, or at least I used to… in the 90s and the early 2000s. But nowadays it seems we never do it any more. We’re too busy, or we’re too isolated, heads in social media or in our little hand held internet devices – our phones.

But what were they before they got all clever and able to do everything for us?

Before they could send emails, surf the internet, spend ages scrolling on social media, do banking, take photos, and all the other apps you use.

They were phones. You pick up the phone and you’d phone someone and chat. For hours sometimes.

So what’s the simple bit of feel good?

Phone a friend.

I did it a lot as a teenager, phoning a good friend of the family to chat and help me through what we’re tough times. She helped me a lot, from hundreds of miles away, and I learned a lot from her, and others I phoned.

Today I noticed my niece had liked a picture I posted on social media, and I put my airpods in and called her. Simple. 10 mins chat, catching up, connecting, checking in to see how she is. It was a nice chat. I think we both enjoyed it… me maybe more so as it was sunny here, and not sunny there. 😂

Then I messaged my friend of the family from before, some pictures of my garden. And I figured, if she had time maybe we could chat on the phone. So sitting in the sun, I gave her a phone, and we chatted like we used to. But this time maybe she was chatting more than she used to, and I was listening. Nice to hear her, and connect again. And she messaged later to say it was nice to chat too.

Then later in the day, I did a wee FaceTime with my step mum and Dad. Sometimes there’s not much to chat about these days, as I don’t seem to be doing much, but it’s nice to catch up, interact and connect.

It doesn’t need to be video calls, zoom or Skype. The phone works just as well, or maybe even better.

So the next time you’re feeling a bit lost or confused, or lonely. Why not give someone a call? Ask them how they are… tell them how you are, what your news is. Half an hour out of your day. I bet it will make you and the person you call feel better.

And if you want to make it into a thing you can do…

1. Write a list of who you can call or you’d like to call.
2. Call one person a day, or one person a week.
3. Set aside time and give them a call.
4. Ask how they are, what’s been happening, listen and interact.

You might just make their day, and lift them up for a week.

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