Wk23 into Wks24 & 25

After a bit of a restful end this may in terms of training, I picked it up a lot more in the first week of June, then rested a bit more in the second week. Here’s what I did:

Wk23 – 1 June
Mon: 5k walk / Spin & Runners Strength
Tue: 10k easy run
Wed: Spin & Clean n Press Strength / 5k run incl 4 strides / 28 min walk Thu: Hills 4.4M / Kelvingrove stairs
Fri: Rest / 20 min walk
Sat: 5.4M walk / Spin & Full body strength 35 mins
Sun: 10M run

By the start of last week listened to my body and knew I could do with a rest, so did just a walk on the Monday, and a full rest day on the Tuesday, before strength on the Wednesday and Friday, and run days on the Thursday and Saturday.

Wk24 – 8 June
Mon: 5k walk / Rest
Tue: Rest
Wed: Spin & Squat Strength
Thu: 35 min easy run am / 6.7M easy run pm
Fri: 4.1M run incl benchmark 5 min run
Sat: Rest / 2M / 35 min walk
Sun: 13.1M / 2.1M 40 min walk

The busy week of training ending in the 10 mile long run on the Sunday felt a bit like it took it out of me in the days after it, so the rest was needed. And I felt fine getting back into the gym on the Wednesday.

The long run this week was 13.1 miles – a half marathon. As per my last post I wasn’t really up for it, but it turned out fine and I had a good result at a comparatively low heart rate. 1:47 with an avg HR of 148.

So last week was three rest days, three run days and one strength day. About 28 miles running and about 8 miles walking, an average of 11k steps a day. I ate well and my weight more or less stayed the same.

Here’s my training plan for next week.

Wk25 – 15 June
Mon: Spin & Deadlift Strength / 5k walk or run
Tue: intervals 10×1:1 at Clyde
Wed: Spin & Clean n Press strength / 5k walk or run
Thu: 6-7M easy
Fri: Spin & Runners Strength / 5k walk or run
Sat: Long run
Sun: 4M easy / walk

For the long run I might get a lift somewhere and run back … maybe 14 or 15 miles. We’ll see. I might do an easier strength session tomorrow, I’ll see how I am after today’s long run.

If I’m a bit gubbed I’ll add some more rest in to recover next week. Listen to your body and all that.

What training are you getting up to next week?

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