Half marathon in city centre

I don’t know what it was today, but I REALLY couldn’t be bothered running my planned half marathon. It just seemed to far to run, and I was sort of repeatedly coming up with reasons not to do it… right up to about mile 6 or 7 of the run. I nearly didn’t start it then I nearly threw in the towel a few times.

I’d initially planned to run this route above – a nice Southside half marathon route I’ve done many times, but I haven’t done it for a while. So although I’d decided on doing it, I couldn’t really be bothered trying to remember it all. So I decided this morning that I’d make the route up and run in town again.

I was up about 8 or 9 and had a coffee. Then my breakfast. I usually run long on maybe a banana and some water and caffeine, but these last couple of runs I’ve taken comfort in having breakfast in me to fuel me.

I ended up dragging myself out the door just before 11am… after putting the in off with internet surfing, reading the news, having another coffee… and I even managed to swap out the battery on my heart rate monitor in an attempt to procrastinate.

Even my water pack didn’t want to go a run, I’d left it in the fridge overnight, in the bottom tray, and it had leaked all over itself and the fridge door. Right from the start I decided I’d just run and see what happened.

I got 2 minutes in and I got cramps, and nearly decided to cut it very short, but figured I’d try and get to 3 miles and see how I was doing. Then it would just be another 3 x 3 miles plus a 1.1 mile finish.

There was clearly something wrong with me, as just after the cramps, I got a little upset… sad… lockdown sadness perhaps… and I started to cry. Sad stuff I can’t do anything about. I’ll not say why, but escaping on the run helped with it anyway.

I ran along Morrison street like the other day, then along the Clyde to the far end of Glasgow Green, and by this time I was feeling better and ticking along nicely. My heart rate was around 145-150 and I felt good at last.

I got to 3 miles, then about 6.5 and I’d gone into town by this point. Along Argyll Street and along to bath street. The town was pretty quiet mostly, apart from when you got close to George square where police presence and the people trying to protect the statues in the square were. I took a pineapple gel about 4 miles in.

At bath street I was about half way and about 54 mins in. I was feeling strong now, and I figured I could make it up to 13 miles, but by the time I got to 8 miles I was at sauchihall street and took a bit of a rest.

5 more miles. I couldn’t be bothered… but after my little sit down I felt better and up for it. I was running well, my mind just wasn’t 100% in it.

Then all of a sudden I got to 9 miles and I felt fine… I decided I’d go up to great western road, then down Kelvin way and I guessed that should get me up to 13.1 miles.

Great western road was a bit stupid with people queuing for coffees and shops, but I just ran on the road to avoid them.

Up and over the hill behind Kelvingrove museum and along the river on both sides, then down the back of the old transport museum and I had about 2 miles to go.

Down to the new transport museum, I decided not to go around it, then I ran along the cycle path past about 100 bikes coming towards me. About a mile to go and I figured I’d be at the BBC with about 1km to go…(The distance I walk home).

Then I got a horrible stitch in my neck… I tried to run through it for a bit… and did… then had another rest… and kept going to finish close to home. Just under 1:47, with an average HR of 148 max 162. I’ll take that, especially since it nearly didn’t happen.

Town feels like a good route just now during lockdown… and I’m glad I went there again.

If I’m honest, 10 minutes in, I nearly went home for a sleep, but I tricked myself into keeping going, for three miles, then for 6 and 9… and the last 4.1 miles to finish. It’s mad what you can get yourself to do if you persuade yourself. Now I’ll get a lie down and recovery after it.

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