Granny’s Egg Flip

I was lucky enough to be left a lot of family bits and pieces by my Granny and Aunt… and in the plethora of photo albums, papers and bits and pieces, was my Granny’s recipe book.

It had been up in the loft, and during lockdown I decided it was about time I got it down and gave it a bit of a peruse. Whenever I’d stay with my Granny she always seemed to be a good and wholesome cook, and baker too.

From chicken roasts and beef olives, to pancakes and drop scones… and even a mixed grill. Knowing my culinary skills… aren’t ever going to be a patch on my granny’s… I tried out the simplest recipe I could find – an egg flip.

I googled what a gill is… and it’s about 140mls … so I heated up 140mls of milk, then whipped up and egg white.

Then once the milk was hot I added a teaspoon of sugar, and stirred it all in. I poured it into a glass, then added the whipped egg and mixed it in.

Here we have a hot probably bed time drink, 124 calories, 11g of carbs, 8g of protein and 5g of fat… almost perfectly balanced – about a third of each macro.

I can just imagine my Mum and Aunt and Uncle when they were kids in the 40s and 50s getting this served up to them by my Granny before bedtime.

My verdict? It’s probably quite a good wee bedtime drink, for winter, and maybe for kids, but it is a bit odd. Maybe if I have it some more it’ll grow on me.

Why don’t you try it out and see what you think?

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