12.5 more solo miles in hot lockdown ☀️

I did another long run last weekend, on Sunday again, after I’d been to Asda to get the weekly shop early… then I was out the door for about half 9. It was due to be hot, and the later I left it, the hotter it would get. So I decided early on that the main aim of this long run would be to keep my HR easy / around 140.

I tried my newish Nike Zoom Flys out and they were good the whole way. Really supportive and reactive, if that’s even a thing. They are quite bright too, but very comfy.

The sun was blistering early on, and even when I left I wasn’t sure where I would run. I thought about running a Southside route, then figured if I ran up the kelvin and along the canal it could be a good 10 miles plus 2.5 miles.

But then when I got up to Kelvinhaugh Street, I decided I’d run up the closed Kelvin Way… and decided then that running in town was probably my best bet to be able to socially distance (rather than on a cycle path or canal path).

Here’s Kelvin Way earlyish on Sunday morning. I passed a few people, but the space on the road was good and i was able to avoid everyone. One older lady was standing next to a barrier and looking quite relaxed and contemplating something. It was nice.

It’s still odd seeing the streets deserted, and feels even odder trying to constantly think of running places where you don’t meet people or when you can avoid people.

From Kelvin way I ran down towards Sauchiehall Street, and then all the way down Buchanan street to Argyll Street. It was then that I realised that if I ran up and down the streets in town (as opposed to east to west along bath street etc), I would be able to run in the shade of the buildings nearly at all times.

So that’s what I did. Up union street, aroind the museum of art for a whirley, around George square, down and up streets until I got back up High Street and I went along Duke Street for a bit.

I got along to the Tennents brewery and got saw the nice murals on the walls. Including this one…

My heart rate stayed around 140, which I was pleased with, and I was enjoying my run. As it was to be so hot I took my water pack with me and had drunk and had breakfast before I went. I also had a pineapple energy gel around half way.

Here’s me running down Buchanan street. And here’s a rather empty george square again. Although there were a few more people in town than I’d seen during lockdown, it was still pretty deserted.

My pace was pretty steady though out, and I was careful not to push it and keep an eye on my HR to keep it down.

Last week on my long run for a similar distance my avg HR was 157 and my max was 167. This week, even with the heat, I managed to keep it down to an avg 140, and max 153 (up a hill). I had a couple of wee stops, in particular about a mile from home when I needed a wee stand in the shade and a drink.

I felt strong when I finished, and this was also when I noticed how comfortable my trainers had been. I’ve got a bit of a sore bit on the ball of my right foot just now, but it was fine on the run, so that’s good.

Last week I did 4 runs totalling 25.4 miles, including a long run and an interval run of 3 x 1 miles. This week I’m planning 4 runs again, and will aim to do the following:

Mon: Bike tabatas / Runners Strength / 5k walk
Tue: Hills (Bella?)
Wed: Bike tabatas / Clean n Press Strength / 5k run incl strides Thu: 5-7M easy
Fri: Bike tabatas / Clean n Press Strength
Sat: 13.1M incl 10 marathon HR pace
Sun: Rest

I might swap Saturday for Sunday, I’ll take it as it comes.

The 12.5 miles got my monthly mileage for May up to 115 for the month, the same as January and the most equal for this year. I’m at 491 for the year, so I if I keep running like this I could get to 1,200 or maybe upwards of 1,000 miles for the year if I have some time out.

Here’s me at the end of my run… it was surprisingly ok, despite the heat (around 16-20’C). The factor 50 sun cream and running in the shade protected me from / stopped any burn.

It did remind me of the London Marathon 2018 where it was roasting and I managed to stay on target to finish 3 seconds under my goal target. Thankfully I wasn’t having to do that yesterday (although my average pace was a bit quicker than then, but I doubt I would have wanted to keep that up for much longer).

I was thinking I could write some tips for running in the heat – but it seems that it’s going to go away soon so there’s maybe no point. Lol. Here goes anyway: 1. Run in the shade where you can.
2. Run early or late (for cooler weather).
3. Slow down / or run to an easy heart rate.
4. Walk or stop and have a break if you need to.
5. Hydrate and fuel / run with water if you can.
6. Wear light colours, shades and a cap (wet the cap if that helps). 7. Cut it short if it gets too much.

I’ll hopefully write another post about my June goals etc. What are your plans for June onwards? Let me know in the comments. Hope you have a good one whatever you do.

And how are you getting on in lockdown? Is it getting any easier? Are there any good parts to it? How can you maybe make it easier / better for yourself?

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