Mileage for May

My running has been ticking away nicely during lockdown (solo of course)… and in May with one day, and one long run day as it is, left to go…

I’m at 102.5 miles for the month. Last week I ran 12 miles as my long run, and this week I’m going to run 12.5 miles on Sunday as my long run.

That’ll round it up to the same monthly mileage as January, and the same highest monthly mileage for me this year. I’ve been running 3-4 times a week, and been getting a couple of strength sessions in a week in the last couple of weeks too, along with some good rest days like today.

That’ll be 491 miles in 5 months if my maths is right. I’ll need to round up that to a round 10 or 100 figure at some point I think!

I’m not sure of my route yet, maybe into town again, as it’s probably the best for being quiet. But I’m going to do the food shopping first thing, then head out for a run with my water pack and see how I get on.

Sitting in the sun today again, apart from out early for some necessities, I’ve not been past the garden again. Ice lolly in the garden. Then beef and veg for dinner. 👍🏻

Are you getting your runs done and rest in lockdown? What’s your usual mileage and are you above or below it?

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