Easy take-away alternatives

We usually get a chinese takeaway once a week, and spread it over Friday and Saturday nights. I vary what I get, sometime beef and black bean sauce, something king po chicken, sa-cha chicken or chicken satay.

Our local Chinese is sadly shut, due to coronavirus but there are a few others locally that we’ve managed to get meals from.

Anyway, two weekends ago I thought I’d buy my own beef and ingredients and make my own beef n black bean sauce. I had it with cauliflower rice and it all went down well. It was easy to make and very tasty.

Very simple – meat, the veg you like and either cauliflower rice or basmati rice.

It’s about 500 cals with cauliflower rice and about 600 with basmati rice.

Here’s the macros and splits for the beef n black bean sauce with cauliflower rice:

And here’s the ingredient list (leeks or onions, similar thing really).

This weekend I made myself chicken satay, and had just normal rice this time.

Here’s the split of macros for the chicken satay.

This is the ingredients and how I made them:

Chicken satay with veg
Or beef and black bean sauce with veg
Two portions

– 2 chicken breasts / 300g
(Could be stir fry beef)
– 50g frozen onions
– Two handfuls frozen peas / 80g
– 100g chopped mushrooms (or your favourite coloured pepper chopped) – Small handful of spring greens (optional)
– Uncle bens basmati rice (or cauliflower rice for lower calorie option) – Amoy satay sauce (120ml pouch)
(Could be Amoy black bean sauce pouch)

1. Chop the chicken up into small pieces and brown in a large frying pan. (Or beef).
2. Once cooked through, add in onions, peas, mushrooms (or peppers) and spring greens (if you want them in it). 3. Once the veg is cooked, add the sauce, simmer and cook through. 4. Cook the rice.
5. Serve two portions (or split up and keep one for the following day).


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