Energy for life notes

We had a zoom session in work today called Energy for life. I thought I’d share the notes I took from it here with you.

Things in life drain us and energise us. Below are some things that can help fuel us and be well.

Sleep – focus on getting good quality sleep Try to get 8-9 hrs a night, go to bed and get up at the same times, get a routine, we sleep in 90 min cycles. Dark cold room. Reducing late stimulation / light / devices.

Hydration – drink water, keep hydrated. Keep a bottle with you, drink and refill. Pee should be light coloured, if it’s not, you may be dehydrated and this could affect your performance and the way you feel.

Routines – We love routines – get in touch with your daily rhythms and routines. Sleep, exercise, eating, working, socialising etc.

Watching caffeine intake – no caffeine after lunch time, 300mg max a day. Remember it’s a diuretic. Your body tries to get rid of it as soon as it comes in. It makes us more alert but does not provide energy. Limit to 4 coffees or 7 teas max a day, ideally before lunchtime.

Fuel well – good quality, healthy, natural, unprocessed foods. Get the energy in early and keep energised throughout the day. Plan and prep your food / fuel. Be careful with sugar intake. Fuel more in the morning, then less at lunchtime and less again at dinner time (opposite to what most do).

Positive mindset – can help us to be motivated (negative mindset can be draining and can lead to anxiety and depression etc).

Being active – exercise energises us, makes us feel good / opportunity to be out in the open / socialise / chat. Be kind to yourself and include rest and recovery.

Prioritising – Focusing on one thing at once, and having time to plan and do.

Planning – Decide what we need to do next, energy into the right stuff. Make time to plan and prepare if you can. Eat, exercise, work, family time, play, socialise, etc.

Take action – Identify things or something you’d like to do, get a list and make and action plan to get it done.

Actions today

– Start doing something to put energy in.

– Stop doing something which drains you.

– Continue to do something that your already doing that gives you energy.

– Have a call, zoom call or a chat with someone today and see if you can positively zap someone with your energy. Have a positive mindset. Share and solve problems together – carry the burden together.


– How to boost energy?

– Individually – what not to do – not a quick fix, ie red bull etc. How to – good food intake, sleep, hydration, activity, as above.

– Team – look for opportunities to encourage each other. How can we act as energy boosters, optimistic chats, to increase each other’s energy. Share and communicate your positive energy on zoom, chat and calls. Consider impact of sending emails – don’t send emails which will drain people.

– Other resources?

Check out TED lectures and watch in timeout.

Books / audiobooks

Do an assessment of where you’re at – and decide where and how can you make improvements.

What can you can do for more energy – see the start, stop, continue above.

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