Wk20 into Wk21 in lockdown

Strange days still… but the strange days seem to becoming the norm. The last couple of long runs I did took it out of me a little… the first one was fine, but Monday’s 15 miler laid me up a bit… in need of some rest, so I took it.

Without guilt or feeling bad about it, I skipped the gym all week, and did a couple of runs, a few walks and had a couple of days where I really not a lot but work from home. On Thursday I hardly left the house, except for going about 1m into the garden at one point.

My sleep has been good though, and I’ve relaxed a bit on my food intake – eating a bit more and taking the pressure off for a couple of weeks.

After 4 weeks in April where I was training a lot and being careful to get a calorie deficit… I managed to lose about 5-6lbs in 5 weeks. This last week or two my weight and fitness has maintained, and I’m about to start a new training cycle.

It’s 5 about weeks til my birthday, so I’m going to mix cardio (running and walking) with some intervals work (running and spin) and some strength again. Back in the garagym… for hard sessions lifting heavy stuff.

My weeks will look a bit like this:

Mon: Spin & Strength / 3M (walk or easy run)
Tue: Hills or interval run
Wed: Spin & Strength / 3M (walk or easy run)
Thu: 4-7M easy run with strides
Fri: Spin & Strength / 3M (walk or easy run)
Sat: 8-14M long run
Sun: Rest (Or swap with another day)

I’m going to follow a marathon training plan I’ve created in the next 16 weeks, the same one I’ve planned for Brighton and see if it works for me. It has me doing a marathon at the start of September with some long runs in July into August, but we’ll see.

In terms of nutrition, I’ll be eating around 30% protein, 30% fat and 40% carbs… it’s what I’ve got used to doing and I found this more balanced than the 50-60% carbs suggested by some. You could say it’s high protein, but it’s not really… it’s just not high carb (and I’m trying not to eat all sugar!)

I’ve been reading the book Calorie Myth by Jonathan Bailor and I’ll likely start to try to include more veg in my intake, and maybe some milled flaxseed along side my usual meats, fish, yoghurt, berries, eggs, and apples etc. Just seeing what taking in different types of food does in terms of health and well being, energy and body composition.

I made some tasty beef and black bean sauce with peppers, leek and mushrooms the other day. It was tasty and simple. Lots of vitamin C in the yellow peppers apparently.

I’ll start my strength work in the gym again on Monday, with some simple compound movements, squats and shoulder presses, deadlifts and press ups, rows and bench presses, along with some Single leg deadlifts, KB Swings and finishers. I love it when I get into it.

This Tuesday I’m gong to do hill reps… I think over near Sauchihall Street… up down up down repeat repeat.

My garmin says I’m recovering right now, so once I’ve had a bit of this recovery, hopefully next week will feel good to be a bit more active and build my training again.

I say I’m bored, but I’m not really. I sort of wish I could go places, see friends and family, and plan holidays and things, but these things are on hold for the foreseeable. Everyone is in the same boat and it’s important we do what we can.

I’m totally conscious that I have it very good, I’m fit and healthy and have everything I need. Even though my hair is quickly turning into lockdown hair, getting longer and greyer by the week. Lucky I don’t care too much about that.

So let’s roll into the last 5 weeks of my 30s in lock down, and see what happens. Maybe I should plan a cake and party on our own in our garden for my birthday on the 21st June? Ha.

Here’s today’s picture from our two mile walk around the Clyde… the pictures are maybe becoming a bit repetitive (like life just now), but we’re lucky we live close to some nice areas and the centre of Glasgow, or some nice residential streets or parks.

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