What’s wrong with being bored?

I’m bored. I’m doing similar things most days, and I’m a bit bored. But it’s not all that bad. I have a nice house and a roof over my head, a nice garden, and a Garagym, along with anything else I could need or want for. I’m fit and healthy, and so are those I’m close to.

I’m bored. I’m walking and running similar routes to make sure I’m exercising locally. On my long runs, I’m doing loops on routes a that I can be away from others so I can socially distance. But I’m lucky I can run and I’m able to walk, exercise and use my garagym, and even sit in my garden in the sun. Better being 6ft apart than 6ft under.

I’m bored. I want to go out to eat like we used to, but we can’t. I’m at home a lot more, and I could be eating everything in sight, but I’ve taken this as an opportunity to cook more and make an effort to not to eat everything in sight. I’m not even saying I’m stuck at home, because I’m not really… but even if I was, it wouldn’t be all that bad. We’re lucky to be able to get out where and when we can.

I’m bored. I’m not seeing all the people I used to – friends, family, colleagues. I’m seeing neighbours from afar, and I’m keeping in touch with others on zoom and on the phone. Working from home for over 8 weeks now – Fit Girl and I are in each other’s pockets m, but not all of the time as we’ve got enough space to work in different rooms. And I can even work in the garden when it’s warm enough. Technology is enabling me to do my work and do it well, and I’m lucky to be in a job with great colleagues and a good boss.

I’m bored. I’m seeing the same sights, my holidays have been cancelled and I’m stuck in Glasgow. But I’m here in Glasgow, safe, and happy and healthy. We got our cancelled holiday refunded, and will likely get the next one refunded too. It’s not the end of the world. We’ll be able to travel again one day.

Being bored isn’t all that bad. In fact I’m getting more sleep, so much so I don’t even need naps anymore. I have more time to exercise and rest, and take time out. My fitness has improved, and with my focus on not eating everything in sight, I’ve lost 5-6lbs. I have the internet, all the TV shows I want to watch, books, chat, anything I could ask for really. I can listen to the birdies, sit in the sun and enjoy life. And I can keep in touch and help others too.

What’s wrong with being bored? Nothing.

Being bored is just fine, and maybe we should spend more time being bored.

Maybe it’ll help make life a little more textured, a little more rich and fun and enjoyable.

Maybe it’s time to watch the world go buy, like my Dad used to and I didn’t understand what he meant.

We can make of this situation whatever we want to make of it. And being safe and looking out for each other is key.

And when we eventually get to a new normal, perhaps we’ll all appreciate it even more? What do you think?

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