My brilliant breakfast

I’m a bit of a creature of habit when it comes to food. I’m not picky, and I’ll eat just about anything, but I like to have a set breakfast so I know that I’m fuelled properly, and I often like to have the same lunch for a week, then different dinners.

During lockdown we’ve been having different lunches, but I wouldn’t mind if it was the same each day. Now this isn’t particularly why I do it… but there is research that shows that when people eat similar things say to day, it’s easier for them to maintain and lose weight.

I thought since I have a regular breakfast, that I’d share it with you … maybe it’s different to what you have, and I imagine it’s probably maybe a bit more high in calories that you might have. But here goes.

So I tend to exercise fasted in the morning… a morning run for me can burn off around 400-800 calories depending on how long I go for. So it’s important to me to refuel well after it.

In the gym, I maybe burn off around 300-400 cals in a session, and again, it’s important for me to refuel with a balanced breakfast, and one which will keep me full til lunchtime ideally. Sometimes I’ll have half a banana and some pre workout before the gym.

Or a coffee and water, or a sis caffeine shit before a run. That gives me the boost I need for sure. And for a long run, I’ll usually have some sort of small breakfast to set me up.

Anyway, here’s what my staple breakfast is – aimed to help me recover as well as fuel me for the morning / day.

– Protein powder 25g (vanilla or rainbow (berry really))
– Arla pouring yoghurt 135mls
– Fruit n fibre 45g
– Blueberries 40g
– Full fat milk 100mls (yum)

All of that adds up to:
440 cals / 41g of protein / 48g carbs / 9g fat

I’ll have water and a black coffee or two as well.

It is quite a mammoth portion, but it does the trick and keeps me going. Over a third of it is protein (41g) and there are 48g of carbs to fuel me to start my day.

Now compare that to a ready made Quaker porridge … nearly half the calories, nearly two thirds are from carbs, and less than 20% from protein.

Quite a difference and it’s no wonder I’m full until lunch, even after exercise first thing.

In the morning I also take some multivitamins and other supplements. Whether they work or not is up to science, but I feel that they work and I feel fit and healthy… I take the following:

– An A-Z multivitamin tablet
– An omega 3 capsule
– A calcium and magnesium tablet

I used to get them from boots or tesco, and the omega 3 from my protein, but I’ve signed up to my vitamins who tend to have good deals on. They have a SAVE40 discount on at the moment, and they also have rewards which you can use towards the cost of orders. My refer code is if you’d like to order from them.

So that’s my brilliant breakfast, packed with protein and energy, and vitamins etc, to keep me going.

Perhaps it is a little greedy, but it does me well and sets me up for the day. NHS guidelines suggest you should have meals as follows – breakfast 400 cals, lunch 600 cals, dinner 600 cals, plus snacks. So my breakfast is in the ball park and prevents me snacking on crap too.

What’s your go to brilliant breakfast?

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