Brighton Marathon 2021

This year I had the Strathearn Marathon in June booked and I thought it might be cancelled. A few weeks ago I got notification that it was, which I’m glad about as I’d not followed through with my long run training ahead of the start of June.

I decided I wouldn’t re enter it for 2021, but I’ll try and enter another marathon instead.

The vet locket and friendly Jen an Glynis from true Bot club up in Ellon and their friends are doing the Brighton marathon on 18 April 2021… so I scoped it out and it looks good… and I think I might join them if I can get in.

Here’s the link for pre registration, which I’ve signed up for:

I managed to get a cancellable room at a local hotel for two nights at a reasonable rate, and I just need to look out for return flights to Heathrow or a return train from glasgow to Brighton.

Looking forward to it and the training for it.

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