Simple swap – vanilla & berry yoghurt

Sitting chilling sunbathing in the garden is nice … I fancied a wee snack and whilst ice cream is a favourite of mine i thought I’d challenge myself to eat something that’s just as tasty… but has more protein in it.

So here it is:

Arla pouring yoghurt – 130mls
Vanilla protein powder – 30g
Blueberries – 40g
Raspberries – 40g

– Mix it all together – put it in the freezer for an hour – and that’s it!

Then here’s the calories and macros:

A really high protein count (33g), low fat (3G) and enough sugar (18g) and just over 200 calories.

Compare that to 130g of vanilla ice cream (without the 48 cals / 11g sugar of their berries)… and the difference is quite stark – more sugar (carbs) in just the ice cream, a lot more calories from fat 7g more… and hardly any protein (just 4g compared to 33g). The ice cream alone would be 186 cals, plus the 48 cals from the berries would be about 235 cals.

A simple swap – instead of ice cream… – a big cold bowl of yoghurt with vanilla protein powder and berries added – yum. And it’s all done now!! And it should keep me full for quite a while.

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