Springkell & Sherbrooke Hills long run

Today I took my hill reps to the next level… what I thought would look like a cross – I ran to near Maxwell Park about 2 miles away as a warm up, then up and down where Springkell and Sherbrooke Avenues cross.

The hill of Sherbrooke was good the other day when I ran it (12 times in just over an hour), and then on our walk the other day, I found Springkell Avenue looked like quite a good hill too… (I think I might be losing it!)

I had a good long sleep until about 8:45am, then got up and had a coffee, half a banana and a good lot of water to set me up. And I took a sis vanilla gel for on the run.

I was out the door for about 10am with my newly curated playlist on my garmin 645. Some good current (and not so current) music to keep me going, playing on my aftershokz.

As I ran up towards Maxwell park, the streets were the empty as we’ve got accustomed to, and I passed a few people walking but was able to keep my distance. Up to St Andrews drive and I saw and passed my first runner of the day.

It ended up I saw about 40 walkers, about 20 cyclists, about 5 other runners, about 10 dogs, two men with prams, a cat and a squirrel. Despite those numbers, I was out for about 1:35 / 11 miles covering mostly the same ground so I was able to be distant from everyone I saw.

I expected the weather to be a bit cold, but it turned out ok, just right for running. I was in my shorts and vest, with arm sleeves for most of it.

I ended up doing the hills 4 times… up Springkell Avenue almost to Dumbreck road on the cycle path and back, then down Sherbrooke, and back up and over the big hill to the end and back. It was just under 2 miles for each set. I took a gel about 45 mins in.

The streets are nice and wide there with not much traffic just now. I only saw about 3 cars, including one which was left running, and empty, with the door open. Very trusting, and I was tempted but thought I’d better not. 😇

The big grand houses up there sure take your mind off the hills… at the cross roads, there was ‘Red Hill’ and ‘Oaklands’… big castle like places…

I dread to think how many rooms they have, and how much they cost… probably a million or two. I wonder who lives there?

Anyway, I managed to push it up the hills, and recover on the way down, and in my 2 mile jog home, I avoided the park, but went up the deserted Albert Drive for a change on the way home.

A good hard workout, and I recovered and stretched when I got home. I had a SIS rego recovery drink, and some water. Then a well earned / needed shower.

Hill reps or sprints early are a good way to do runs and avoid others, so that’s what I’ll be aiming to do 1-2 time’s a week going forward. They’re hard work, but a good way to push yourself and get good fitness gains.

This is me at the end, not sure why I’m smiling, maybe because it was over. Ha.

It ended up being 11 miles in about 1:35, with me average heart rate at 148, max 161.

Nearly 1000 cals burned, so I can have the other half of my Easter egg and it likely won’t touch the sides! Hopefully I’ll sleep well tonight! 💤 😴

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