Trainers galore

Over the last few months, I’ve been buying trainers… possibly too many pairs… but there’s not much else to spend my money on… so… why not, eh?

The first pair i bought was a straight out replacement of my last pair of Mizuno Sonic trainers….light and built for speed, the last pair’s sole was worn out, my purple pair with green soles. So I ended up buying the next in the series.. the Mizuno Sonic 2, in bright orange.

I wore them the first time doing hills last week and they were good – light and responsive.

Then I’ve moved away from Mizunos and I bought a pair of Nike Zoom Flys 3…. with 25% off when I got them. They’re comfy and supportive. Although this pair is a males shoe, it fits fine and runs well.

I then took advantage of the discount one more time, and bought a print pair of yellow and orange Nike Zoom Fly 3. They seem a bit smaller (female shoes)… but they’re comfy and good to run in, so far.

They all mention a carbon sole or plate, and I’m not sure how that will affect my running, but we’ll see. I got them all for a good deal anyway.

This month Nike is doing 30% off with the code APRIL30, so if you would like a new pair (or other gear), go a head and try it out. Nike are good as they do, free, no questions asked returns too.

If anything, people should see me coming when I’m out running. 😉

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