Sherbrooke Hills

Today I woke around 630am and was out the door for 720am to another bright sunny day.

I wore my new Mizuno trainers for the first time, and ran for about a mile and a half up to Sherbrooke Avenue, which has a bit of a hill to climb up and down.

After I woke, I had some water, and took on a SIS caffeine shot, which seemed to give me the boost I needed, about half way through the run.

The streets were empty for the most part, apart from a few walkers and cyclists out early taking advantage of the empty roads and sunny weather. It was about 3’C, so pretty chilly, but as the sun came up it seemed to warm up a bit. No cap today – capris, and underlayer and a long sleeve to keep me warm.

Sherbrooke Avenue is a nice wide street which goes up and then up again, then down and down again. I decided I’d run up the two ups on the first hill, then down and back up a shorter hill on the way back. I planned to do the hill 5 times up and down, so 10 reps in total.

With the aim of burning fat… this type of workout, especially if done fasted, is ideal. It ended up I was feeling good as I was doing it, and I ended up doing the hills 6 times, so 12 reps in total. The warm up was 17 mins to get there, then about 25 mins of hills, then a 17 minute cool down back home.

It ended up being 6.4 miles covered, in about 57 minutes and around 600 calories burned. My average heart rate was 147, max 167, and garmin training effect was 3.5 with 1.4 anaerobic. A good workout, on a nice fresh sunny morning. I felt worked, but not too much by the end of it. A bit of a change from my usual easy run, but hopefully it’ll be worth it.

When I got home I stretched off, and had some water… and noticed that I was steaming… I was hot and it was cold outside.

The emptiness of the streets is still a bit eery… like an early Sunday morning, but it’s not, it’s a Tuesday, and it wasn’t too early. I wonder how long it will be like this for?

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