Operations 28 Days

I’ve been inspired by David Thompson, a Personal Trainer and Life Coach from Glasgow, to try to use the time I have on my own just now, to get motivated to see what happens when I really get stuck into eating and exercising well.

Last month David posted on Facebook every day his progress of calories in and out and some other things, and he managed to lose around a stone in weight. It was interesting and motivating to see the outcome of his efforts.

Whilst I doubt I’ll be able to lose much weight, I’m going to see how keeping a track of things and being more regular with constructive exercise (and not eating everything in sight), might make changes in my body.

After week 2 of lockdown, when I was feeling a bit demotivated and fed up, I decided now would be a good time to take control, get my mojo back and get on with my own plan – I’m calling it – Operation 28 days. I thought I might as well use this time well.

In the last week or two I’ve spent a bit of time getting a plan together to see what the result will be if I:

  1. Eat better and create a calorie deficit (ie generally not overeating, just because I can / because I want to).
  2. Exercise regularly with motivation and with a goal in mind.
    (mixing strength training with more intense running workouts than I usually do / fasted workouts with the aim of burning fat).
  3. Measure my progress (weight, body fat, lean mass, sleep, food intake / myfitnesspal and expenditure, steps, activity).

I’ve set up a 4 week block, or 28 days, where I’ll see what the outcome of what I’m doing will be. Now is the ideal time to do it, where I’m training on my own, and it should help me to curb eating EVERYTHING in sight too.

My goal will be to reduce body fat and increase lean mass, and maybe drop some cms too. I’m not putting a goal number on losing weight, or the amount of body fat I’ll lose, I’ll just try to do what I think will work, and see what the outcome will be in 4 weeks time.

I’ll use my withings scale to measure each day (and review at the end of each week), and I’ll use the numbers from my Garmin Connect to show the calories burned / steps and sleep taken. It can be quite a lot to keep on top of, but I have a bit more time on my hands so it should be easy enough to track.

Now here’s the results and numbers from week 1. There’s not much change, but it does show that in the last week I’ve been getting better sleeps (one of the benefits of working from home I think).


Wk13 – Starting weight 139lbs, body fat = 15.9% / 22,1lbs, lean mass = 80.5% / 111.9lbs lbm

Steps: 10,272 average, (71,904 total).

Sleep: 9:21 average
Calorie intake: 11,870
Calorie expenditure: 14,472 = 11,316 resting + 3,156 active (active up 500 from the week before).
Calorie Deficit: -2,602


Wk14 – Weight = 138.6lbs

Body fat = 15.3% / 21.2lbs
Lean mass = 81.1% / 112.4lbs

Difference = -0.4lbs weight / -0.9lbs body fat (-0.6%)/ +0.5lbs lbm (+0.6%)

There’s been a small reduction in weight and body fat, and a slight increase in lean mass, so it’s heading in the right direction. Maybe this week there might be a bigger change by the end of it (since it’s the start of my cycle).

This week, I’m planning on doing three spin and strength sessions and I’m including a fasted hill run on Tuesday (boak). An easy long run at the weekend, and another easy run on Thursday. I’ll get some walks in too – mostly on my strength days and maybe a long one at the weekend. Then I’ll repeat each week.

I usually always choose social runs over effort runs, so this time alone will be good for me to focus on my progress and fitness and challenging myself in running, more than i have in the past. It’ll be an effort run once a week, then easy runs the rest of the week.

This will be my plan for April and the 4 weeks or 28 days will last up to the 3rd May. It’s not often we get time to focus solely on ourselves, so if I can keep my focus and motivation going, this might just be a good time to get results. I’ll let you know how I get on. 🙂

Fancy doing it too? Operation 28 Days – 28 days of focus on being the best you can be?

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