Wk13 & Wk14 into Wk15 – fancy being active every day?

The week before last it felt like I didn’t do much exercise, but I did 4 runs of almost 22 miles… getting me up to 96 miles for March… then I managed to squeeze in a final 4 miler tomorrow, the last day of March to get me up to 100 miles. That’s more like it (vs about 60 in February)

I didn’t go in the gym that week, and did about half the walks I did in week one of working from home… but I still managed to get 4 walks in, of about 7 miles / just under 2 hours. In all honesty I was feeling a bit odd all week.

Unsurprising really… the motivation to be fit and healthy in week one was gone, and now week 2 of lockdown and social distancing – and not knowing how long this will last for was maybe hitting home a bit. June, July, August? Who knows.

I’m taking comfort in the fact that me and those who I’m close to are healthy, and in fit and got lots going for me. Might sound a bit dramatic, but perhaps this is a wake up to help us realise that we’ve actually got things good. So we need to stay in a bit. Fine.

Here’s what I did that week:

Wk13 – 23 Mar
Mon: 6.2M run / 2M walk
Tue: 3.6M easy run wi FG
Wed: Rest / 38 min walk
Thu: Rest
Fri: 5.1M run solo
Sat: Rest / 35 min walk
Sun: 7M run incl 2x400m / 41 min walk

Now with this time working from home, and places being closed, I decided at the end of March that I was going to spend some time focussing on getting back into the (gara)gym, and getting my mojo back so that I can hopefully be more active in April.

Take back a bit of control, set some goals, and see what happens.

For April I’ll aim to:

– Walk or run or be active (bike / garagym) for at least 30 mins each day / early morning or lunchtimes (get away from desk).

– Alternate run days with garagym days.

– Take advantage of solo runs and do more effective (speedwork / hill) runs (and also stay nearby home by doing this).

– Track my calorie consumption / expenditure / deficit / weight / composition / steps / sleep.

So this week was a bit more active and I was a bit more mindful when I was eating – eating until I was full, and not out of habit. I’ll aim to get a high percentage of protein in my diet.. and track it in MyFitnessPal again for a bit.

This was half a can of ambrosia creamed rice with some jam as a treat one night – after I’d done a run that day.

Here’s the training I did:

Wk14 – 30 Mar
Mon: Spin & 3xAMRAP x6 exercises +finisher / 30 min walk
Tue: 10×1:1 / 4M = 100 miles running for March
Wed: am 55 min Walk / pm 28 min walk (rest day)
Thu: 6M easy solo run
Fri: 5k run / short 16 min walk
Sat: Day 1 / Spin & KB Strength / 60 min Walk
Sun: 10M long solo run

Since I haven’t been in the gym for a bit, my legs were a bit sore from Tuesday til Thursday, so I decided to have a rest day on Wednesday, but got about 11,000 steps in on two good walks. (A long walk on Wednesday morning was good, 5k in 55 minutes – then I ran the same route on Friday and did it in 26 mins).

A long walk and gym workout on Saturday, and my long run on Sunday will mean 2 strength sessions for the week, and 4 runs of 23.1 miles, and about 10 miles walking.

Here’s my training plan for next week – quite simply, alternating (strength, spin and walk days), with run days…(and I’ll be careful not to overeat / be greedy, again):

Wk15 – wc 6 April
Mon: Spin & Squat Strength / walk
Tue: Hill run
Wed: Spin & Deadlift Strength / walk
Thu: 6-7M easy
Fri: Spin & Clean n Press Strength / walk
Sat: 8-12M long
Sun: Rest / long walk / Extended spin

Next week is the start of another 4 week / 29 day cycle for me… so hopefully I’ll be feeling a bit more motivated and up for it compared to a few weeks ago.

My routine is to get the exercise done first thing, around 7am, then get ready for and enjoy the day ahead. On gym days I’ll get out a walk or quick spin at lunchtime, and at weekends I’ll be active too. Mostly close to home, and I’ll avoid people like I have the plague when I’m out running too.

How are you getting on in these strange times? How are you changing your routine up to keep you feeling good and motivated?

Fancy being active first thing and / or lunchtime every day with me? 🏋🏼‍♀️🏃‍♀️🚲🦊

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