Who needs McDonald’s?

I saw this recently… McDonald’s and Greggs sharing their recipes online… I sometimes eat from McDonald’s… and Greggs for that matter – there’s a Greggs not far from me and I don’t mind a wee sausage roll … not to mention their soup which is often good.

But with fast food places shut… let’s see how easy it is to make the equivalent.

Re fast food – Dad used to always say as long as you have a fish supper (or fast food) every now and again and not every day – it’s fine, and that’s sort of how I eat how. A bit of balance – a splurge is ok sometimes, but don’t do it all the time.

I eat what I want and nothing is off my menu, but it’s good to be thoughtful about what you eat and drink.

Anyway, today I decided I’d make my own Scottish version of the McDonald’s sausage McMuffin with egg … and I made my own sausage, egg and cheese muffin.

So I got a muffin, and toasted it, and I got some of these tasty ‘skinny steak slices’ (low in fat, and only 87 calories in one)… Scottish Lorne sausage really.

I grilled the sausage / slice, and fried an egg, then as the muffin was toasting I put the egg on the flattened square sausage, and grilled it for a bit longer.

Then I put on a square of dairylea cheese, and once the muffin was grilled I put a little tomato ketchup on the muffin.

(There’s no has brown as I didn’t fancy it and though this would be enough).

With the sausage / slice being low fat, and quite high protein, this little lunch or breakfast packs about 400 calories, including 26g of protein, about 41g of carbs and quite low fat at 14g.

Compare this to the McDonald’s sausage and egg McMuffin … it’s 180 cals and about 16g fat less, plus about 5g of protein (and 10g of carbs) more. 27% protein. 👍🏻

Yum yum – very easy and tasty. That’ll do nicely.

My Scottish sausage, egg and cheese muffin. 😇

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