Wk12 into Wks13 & 14

Last week, I don’t know what was going on, but probably in a quest for me to be as healthy as possible, I did a lot more walks than usual. One of the least stressful type of exercise, I wasn’t walking to and from work so I felt that it was important to get daily movement in, in the form of a walk or a run.

I’ve been working from home since Friday 13th when my boss realised fortuitously that this would likely be the way forward for most of us. It’s not all that bad really. We have the internet to connect, we have food and heating and most importantly, we have our health.

All in all last week I did about 15 miles of walking and about 24 miles of running.

I didn’t go in the gym, but I plan to do that this week for some variation.

Wk12 – 16 Mar
Mon: Rest (sore calves) / 2.5M walk
Tue: 7.6M run
Wed: Rest (sore calves) / 2.7M walk
Thu: 7.5M run / 2.3M lunchtime walk
Fri: Rest / 2.5M walk
Sat: 8.8M run
Sun: Rest / 4M walk

5 walks / 3 runs.

The weather is slowly getting a bit more pleasant too, and recently we’ve seen Spring pop up through warmer temperatures, flowers popping up and more sunny days than not.

Social distancing might feel a bit restrictive, but it’s for everyone’s good. In now limiting my contact to just me and Fit Girl… poor Debbie will have to go without my chat for a few weeks. Poor Fit Girl with me, all day, every day (work and home). 😂

So here’s what my plans are training wise for the next two weeks.

Wk13 – 23 Mar
Mon: 6.2M run / 2M walk
Tue: 3.6M easy run / Spin & Squat Strength
Wed: Interval run
Thu: Spin & Deadlift Strength
Fri: 7M run
Sat: Spin & Clean n Press Strength
Sun: 10-11M run

Wk14 – 30 Mar
Mon: Rest or KB Strength
Tue: 6.2M
Wed: Spin & KB Strength
Thu: 8x800m
Fri: Spin & Strength
Sat: Day 1 / Rest
Sun: 13-15M run

We were meant to be in Portugal this week, and it’s when we usually go away, so I keep getting memories on Facebook, running it in. But I’m glad I’m here, at home, abiding by the rules.

My long runs were meant to be building up to the Strathearn marathon in June, but I can’t see that going ahead now. We’ll see what happens.

A few numbers now…In the last month… mostly from my Garmin:

My sleep has gone up.
My stress has come down.
My steps have gone up.
My body fat has gone down, lean mass up.
My weight has gone down slightly.

So we’ve been told to be a bit more restrictive and change how we live… here’s what I plan to do:

– only go out for necessities
– do one bit of exercise a day (Walk / run / gym can be done as well as run/walk) – keep in touch on the phone or face to face online
– have a schedule – exercise around 7am each day
– eat well and drink plenty water
– sit in the garden and watch the birdies in our garden

– be there for each other
– try and perfect my latte / flat white making skills 😳🙈
– post my training on my page and think about doing other blogs – read books I never get around to
– watch more telly
( – pretend I have the bug and I don’t want to pass it onto people incase I kill them)

Now I’ll leave you with this. My first shorts outing of the year, sitting in our garden writing this post (granted, I have a jumper on lol). Legs oot. I have to say, it’s quite warm, (between the gusts of cold wind).

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