Wk11 into Wk12 and block 3

Last week was far from ideal training wise… … or put more plainly, I overdid it and under fuelled on Tuesday, and then I decided I’d be better taking rest than gyming it. I still ran three times, and will run a half marathon event on Sunday, so it’ll be 4 runs of about 36 miles.

After my bonk and mistake of not eating before a 2 hour run on Tuesday, I recovered well and had a good long sleep. By Wednesday I felt fine, but was cautious and took a rest day. Thursday was a much better run, with nicer weather and an easier effort than Tuesday.

Wk11 – 9 Mar
Mon: Rest
Tue: 13.1M run
Wed: Rest
Thu: 6.2M run
Fri: Rest
Sat: 3.3M run
Sun: BtoC half marathon

Then another rest day on Friday and a wee nice short run on Saturday with Fit Girl, before a wee day relaxing and eating. I also worked from home on Friday.

I have the Balloch to Clydebank half marathon on Sunday, and I’m grateful it’s not been cancelled. I’m not sure how it will go for me, but I plan to split it into 4 x 3 miles with a bit on the end: – 1st 3 miles HR 150-155
– 2nd 3 miles HR 155-160
– 3rd 3 miles HR 150-165
– 4th 3 miles HR 165
– last 1.1 miles HR whatever 165+

Here was my time from 10 years ago… I’ll likely be 10 minutes slower this time I expect.

Although my heart rate was very high then!

In relation to tomorrow’s race, Government guidelines are to cancel mass gatherings over 500 after Monday, so it looks like this race will maybe be one of the last for a while. It’s my 4th time doing it, and I’ll be wearing the tops I wore 10 years ago when I ran it for the first time.

I’m not going to comment on coronavirus, apart from to say I’m feeling fine and hopefully that will be the way going forward. I’m keeping up to date with the BBC News website and government guidelines, and also checking foreign travel information (and crossing my fingers).

I’ll be staying away from anyone who might be at risk and maybe working from home a bit more.

Asda was out of toilet roll and pasta, and cash too apparently. This might only be the beginning of the beginning, but I’m sure it’ll be ok.

Then next week, I plan to get back in the gym hopefully twice a week, and run three times, including a long run. My last 15 miler went very well, and I’m hoping it goes well – of course I’ll remember to fuel and hydrate better than I did on Tuesday too.

Wk12 – 16 Mar
Mon: Spin & Squat Strength
Tue: 6M
Wed: Spin & Deadlift Strength
Thu: Spw run 5x1200m
Fri: Spin & 5×5 PB strength
Sat: 15M
Sun: Holiday / Rest

Then if all goes well, we’ll have some time off work for a break, and these are my training plans for the remainder of the four week block:

Wk13 – 23 Mar
Mon: 4M (swim most days?)
Tue: Simple Strength
Wed: 5M
Thu: 4M
Fri: Simple Strength
Sat: 8-10M
Sun: Rest

Wk14 – 30 Mar
Mon: Rest
Tue: 8-10M
Wed: Spin & Clean n Press Strength
Thu: 5-7M / 8x800m?
Fri: Spin & Strength
Sat: Day 1 / Rest
Sun: 16M

Here’s my number for tomorrow’s race. Wish me luck. (I might need it!) 🤣

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