1kg+ difference

Weighing in today and I’m back up at 140lbs or 10 stone again. At 5’6” that makes my BMI just about 22.5… just above the mid range of the BMI scale.

We know that BMI is a bit of an outdated measure, and the number on the scale alone isn’t always helpful… but what is helpful to me is the body composition numbers.

My withings scale shows I’m down about 1lb since the start of the year, but more importantly I’m down about 3.3lbs 1.5kg of body fat and up about 2.4lbs / 1kg of lean mass.

That’s likely the result of more exercise this week, including 2 runs and 3 strength sessions and plenty food but not too much. Sleep was really good too, with an average of 9 hours a night, up from a lower average a few weeks ago. It all adds up.

That’ll do nicely or three months in to 2020. And hopefully with me increasing my runs and continuing with 1-3 strength sessions a week it’ll continue.

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