Long run plans until June

I realised today after my long run, that I’d better get my sh!t together / a training plan together for my long runs.

After not many miles in February (and a cold) … I’m did 15 miles today and feel fine having done it … I seem to have recovered ok. But I’ll need to get the long runs in if I plan to do the Strathearn marathon at the start of June.

So here’s my long runs plan…

24/2 15M easy
2/3 10-12M

9/3 13.1M Balloch to Clydebank half
16/3 15M
23/3 8-10M
30/3 16M

6/4 18M
13/4 20M
20/4 13M
27/4 18M

4/5 22M
11/5 18M
18/5 15M
25/5 10M

31/5 26.2M

That’ll be about 14-15 weeks training, including 5 long runs at 18 miles or over. The blocks above are also planned along with my cycle with the long run between weeks 3-4 being a recovery week.

The date at the start is the Monday date and I’ll run at the weekend – Saturday or Sunday. I’ll continue to mix my runs, 3 runs a week, with 1-2 strength sessions.

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